Three children are spread from Covid-19 in Coahuila



The pandemic Covid-19 reached the child population of Coahuila, to report three cases of minors in the municipalities of Saltillo and Torreon.

The figure has increased the detection of this Tuesday the 14 cases, 11 of them in the municipality of Monclova, 7 men and 4 women. In addition to three new cases in the capital, a man, a boy and a girl.

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In total there were 53 cases, distributed as follows: 33 in Monclova, with a fatality and a hospitalized; 8 in Torreon, with a patient discharged from the hospital, a minor and a person in hospitalization; 12 in Saltillo, one hospitalized and two children.

The authorities of the state to remind families of the importance of take shelter in your home, not to go out if strictly necessary.

If you have symptoms go to the health unit nearest you or dial 911.

In case of return of the foreigner to report the income to the state, also the 911 to follow up and if necessary to apply confirmatory tests, the information is completely confidential.

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