Three clues to guessing the cult and everyone’s favorite movie: only true fans will find the answer

Those with an insatiable passion for cinema should take this quiz: three clues to guess the cult movie

The history of cinema is full of timeless masterpieces that have remained relevant and loved for decades. Some films have the ability to excite and engage to the point that they become the kind of travel companions we love to revisit with the same enthusiasm from time to time. Here’s a test for true big screen fans: Three clues are available, can you guess the mystery movie?

Many are mistaken in thinking that winning this kind of competition is child’s play, when in fact it is necessary not only to be a lover of various films, but also to have some intuition and the ability to think differently than usualwithout being distracted by trifles. Who will measure?

Guess the famous movie with just 3 clues: a challenge for true fans

For everyone who decides to test themselves with this quiz, it’s time to open the cards or better three hints available to be able to guess the famous detective movie.

Let’s start with one typewriter, an ancient element, it must be admitted, given that today almost no one uses them. Then there is costumed dancer who has the look of a real diva and, finally, flag, especially french. What will these details indicate?

As it was said at the beginning, it’s better don’t make the mistake of getting lost in the details and not thinking about the big picture. A typewriter could represent not only an era, but also a specific craft. Just like a dancer, if well observed, will be of great help to us, especially if we focus on the clothes she wears. And France? Is it possible that the film takes place in one of the beautiful cities in this country? At this point, all that remains is to bring out the solution: what kind of movie is this?

Mystery film – the famous “Moulin Rouge!” with Nicole Kidman and Ewan McGregor (photo by hand) –

Well, yes, the movie in question is just “Moulin Rouge!” Starring the gorgeous Nicole Kidman and the charming Ewan McGregor. Released in 2001, however, the action takes place in Paris in 1899. Hence the French flag among the clues. In the film, the heroine Nicole plays exactly the dancer, the star of Muling Rouge. And the typewriter? Well, true fans remember that Christian, Ewan McGregor’s character, is a real writer!

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