Three doctors and a nurse dead: coronavirus cobra lives in the first line of defense in Mexico


In a little over a month, the coronavirus Covid-19 is hitting hard on the health sector, mexicannot only for the position to serve the growing number of cases of respiratory disease, but because of the risk that is faced by the medical staff.

So far, at least four doctors and a nurse from the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS) have died of the coronavirus: two in Mexico City, another in Hidalgo, one in Zacatecas and one in Coahuila, although not all have been released by the Institute of public way.

In Coahuila, of the 64 infected people in the state, 31 are medical staff. It is physicians, nurses, and a worker administrative the General Hospital of Zone (HGZ) number 7 of Monclova, which has become the epicenter of the infection.

The delegation of the IMSS in Coahuila, reported the death of a doctor identified by the initials W. R., 45 years of age, who worked in the area of the emergency department of the hospital.

According to information of the agency Notimexthis is the second death attributed to the Covid-19 in less than a week in Monclova, municipality until Wednesday afternoon focused 42 of the 64 cases in Coahuila, most of them patients of the HGZ 7 of Monclova.

The IMSS described the demise of incident unprecedented and said that he has observed at home to the direct contacts of the deceased, in addition to have increased the measures of prevention of hiv infections among the staff.

However, workers of the hospital assured that this is not soso who marched Wednesday morning to report that do not have protective equipment, in addition to that there are more fellow internees by contagion.

In protest, the workers of the HGZ 7 of the IMSS stated that many do not undergo testing or receive equipment preventive pledged by local and state authorities.

“It is said that he donated many things to the hospital and we don’t see it. We want just arriving to be able to work well and serve the population (…)”.

“Yesterday (Tuesday), in an interview, the governor remarked that he had 500 tests to make the working staff of the IMSS, but not until now do” ensured.

In conference, the medical director of work, Eduardo Robles, said that the doctors infected were fine, with mild symptoms and in your home.

But the workers denied it.

“It is clear that this is not true; we have three doctors in the intensive care, and unfortunately, yesterday, when he was in the conference (Eduardo Robles), one of our colleagues passed away”assured.

Although the authorities of the IMSS have reported that there are 21 doctors infected in the hospital, the workers warned that the number is unknown and at least 100 peers are not going to work.

The deaths in The Race that the IMSS has not recognized

On Monday, 30 march, the Mexican Institute of Social Security published a press release in which announced the death of the nurse “RGE” of the Hospital of infectious diseases of the National Medical Center La Raza because of the coronavirus, but said that the hospital, “where worked, has not addressed up to this date patients by Covid-19”.

A doctor at the General Hospital of Zone 32 of the Mexican Institute of Social Security, announced to Infobae Mexico after the death in this hospital of a lord of the 71-year-old identified as Felix (the victim number four on the national territory because of the Covid-19) his daughter Mary Teresa, also arrived at the HGZ 32 to be attended to, but due to the severity of your case, was transferred to The Race, where she died last week because of the coronavirus.

On the other hand, Millennium revealed that the deputy director of the infectious diseases of The Breed might have died of the coronavirus, like Edgar ‘N’, an employee of the area call center of Aeromexico. But these cases have not been released by the IMSS.

A worker in the area of infectious diseases spoke to the microphones of Millennium in where he said, that is not saying that people are dying by Covid-19.

“Why not say you will die for Coronavirs? By not even giving them time to make the tests. Not even given time to pick up a result. They are dying before”, he said.

In both the weekly Process revealed that in The Race also occurred the death of a man identified as “RO”, who worked as head of the bar of the disco Don Quintin Condesalocated in the ” avenida Tamaulipas 63, Condesa, in Mexico City.

He died the same day that the nurse RGE.

In accordance with Process, Friday, march 20, at 1:19 in the morning, through your account of Facebook, “RO” he told his friends a map with the location of the Hospital of Specialties of the WCC Race, accompanied by the phrase “to give the atoms”. The message of “RO” was “I’m going with,” his friends say.

The night of the 19th of march, a day before he was admitted to the hospital, the man reported to work Don Quintín, and already had some symptoms, but despite this, his superiors stopped working. At 3 in the morning, the manager Matías Razo sent him to his house. Your tee time was at 6 am, and told to Process their coworkers, who also reported that with medical insurance and the most we should fortnights salary.

Of them, the IMSS has not reported anything.

Third death in Hidalgo

In the case of Hidalgo, the governor Omar Fayad (who also suffers from Covid-19) reported the third death from the coronavirus in the body: a physician attached to the ministry of Health.

Through their social networks, wrote: “I Regret to inform you that the third person who died by #coronavirus in Hidalgo was a physician of @Salud_Hidalgo; for him the recognition of the people hidalguense languages for their invaluable work. I express my most sincere condolences and support to his family. RIP”.

With the death of the doctor, identified as Arturo Olvera Martinez has already added three deaths to the virus in that entity.

The first was a lawyer who traveled to the united States and came to ask for medical care already in a very bad state. The other is of a woman of 60 years.

In Zacatecas, another doctor died

Last march 31, the general practitioner Renzo Ramirez, 38 years of age, and who was attached to the clinic number 57 of the IMSS in the city of Zacatecas, he died because of the Covid-19. He was the first person diagnosed with the disease in the entity.

According to governor Alejandro Tello Cristerna, Renzo Ramirez would have been infected from Covid-19 by a sister who recently spent time in France, and although she would also be a carrier of the disease, is asymptomatic.

The journal The Day obtained the testimony of another physician of the IMSS, who said that when Renzo Ramirez –who was suffering from diabetes– went to the private hospital San Agustin, in the area conurbated of the capital of Zacatecas, he was diagnosed with influenza.

A week later, Renzo Ramirez worsened and was treated at the emergency unit of the Hospital General de Zona 1 IMSS, where the 21 of march was intubated and connected to a ventilator. Ten days later he died.

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