Three doctors have died from coronavirus in Mexico


Three doctors working in hospitals and clinics of the Mexican Institute of Social Security of Monclova, Coahuila, the city of Zacatecas and the ministry of Health state of Hidalgo died in the course of this week, victims of the Covid-19.

On Wednesday, in a press conference, dr. Hugo López-Gatell reported that 39 workers of IMSS were infected —nationally, 21 of them in the Hospital General de Zona (HGZ) No. 7 of the IMSS of Monclova. In addition, yesterday, we reported two other doctors that were positive Aguascalientes.

The first death occurred in Zacatecas last Monday: a doctor of 38 years, who worked in the Family practice Unit No. 57 of the IMSS, located in the capital.

In this case, the authorities of the state Health indicated that the doctor, whose name was not released, was infected in the first week of march for a family that resides in France and came to Mexico for a visit. The doctor developed symptoms several days after, during which time he continued to work in the clinic, and it was not until march 18, when he was interned in the Hospital. 1 of the IMSS.

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Following the diagnosis of the doctor, the clinic staff had held several protests to demand that they do a screening to 120 of their coworkers. Finally only were 38, of which 10 were negative, and up to yesterday had not been informed of the outcome of the rest.

The case Monclova

In Monclova, Coahuila, on Wednesday died the doctor Gualberto Reyes, who worked at the Hospital General de Zona (HGZ) No. 7 of the IMSS in this city.

The twelfth doctor, 45 years of age, was a specialist in the area of Emergency. It was reported that he had several inpatient days in the area of Intensive Therapy at the same hospital.

In the HGZ No. 7 of the IMSS, 21 workers have tested positive for coronavirus. Currently two doctors are boarding schools and were reported stable. The rest are in quarantine for 15 days in their homes.

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Yesterday, the IMSS acknowledged fault at the time of investigate the spread of the first doctor who tested positive in Monclova, and because it was not considered a suspected case of coronavirus in the area of the Emergency department, where he worked for that doctor.

By the afternoon it was reported that the hospital will be fully sanitized in the next few hours, the arrival of input and the application of tests to workers and the sick. In addition, it was announced that the director of the hospital, Ulises Mendoza, was separated from his position “for reasons of age”.

The third contagion

Yesterday morning it was reported in Pachuca, Hidalgo, of the death of Arturo Olvera Martinez, a medical doctor attached to the ministry of Health of the state.

THE UNIVERSAL learned that, in recent days he worked in the Hospital of an Immediate Response Covid19, known as the “hospital inflatable”, in the Triage area, where you select and classifies to the patients.

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In this regard, the ministry of Health pointed out that the doctor complied with the protocol and the necessary gear to avoid any type of contagion, and no one in the medical area is in quarantine.

Two doctors are positive in Aguascalientes

The Institute of Health Services of the State (ISSEA) confirmed that there are two doctors with Covid-19 in Aguascalientes, one belongs to the Health sector and another to a private hospital.

The owner of the ISSEA, Miguel Angel Piza Jimenez, mentioned that we also have other suspected cases among medical staff, without giving more details.

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