Three Latin American countries enter the global ‘Top 5’ by volume of unwanted calls in 2021


Jan 8, 2022 20:51 GMT

Ukraine and India are also among the top five countries on the list.

Three Latin American countries are among the top five nations in the world for the volume of unwanted calls received by users, according to a report recently published by the Truecaller application.

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After analyzing the spam calls between January and December 2021, Truecaller concluded that Brazil is the most affected country, with an average of 32.9 spam calls per user per month. According to the study, 44.1% of spam calls were related to financial services such as banks, credit unions or loan providers. Another significant part is sales calls of all kinds (39%), while the total volume of scams amounts to 16.9% of all calls marked as spam.

For its part, Peru ranked second with 18 spam calls per user per month. In this country, 37.3% of all calls marked as spam come from financial services, while 46.5% are calls related to sales. The percentage of fraudulent calls stands at 10.8%.

Another Latin American country that is also in the top five on the list is Mexico, which ranked fifth. In this country, Truecaller tracked about 2.4 million spam calls in January, which increased to 3.2 million in October. Most of the spam calls in Mexico are related to financial services.

Ukraine and India complete the ‘Top 5’ of countries with the most spam calls.

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