Three Netflix series that literally drove the world crazy.

Check out these three must-see Netflix series that literally glue viewers to the TV until the last episode.

From a dark journey between action, intrigue and crime, to the stunning legal drama and cult series of the past 50 years. three television series which you should definitely catch up and watch on Netflix.

If you’re looking for an exciting and engaging experience, here’s the perfect series to start.


Inspired by famous presence Meghan Markle in the cast”Suits” has become an icon legal drama television series available for streaming on Netflix.

This production attracted attention not only for its dose of gossip, but also for its gripping storyline, which allowed the production to run nine successful seasons.

There are 134 episodes available on Netflix. This series features talented actors who bring the characters to life in a very believable way. From Gabriel Macht To Rick Hoffmanfrom Sarah Rafferty To David Costabileeach performer adds depth and authenticity to their roles.

The Lawsuits unfolds in twisted court cases, offering a glimpse into the American legal world with expectations, decisions, secrets, and tactics to bring down opponents.

Along with this legal plot, there are dramatic sentimental entanglements that enrich the viewer’s perception.

The series, especially in the early seasons, offers a fast-paced, fun and engaging storyline.

The personal stories of the characters, skillfully balancing legal arguments, will push you to non-stop marathons in front of the TV to watch all the episodes.


If you are looking for one exciting TV series which unites Fantastic With detectiveGothamon Netflix is ​​what you are looking for.

Based on the DC Comics universe and set in Batman’s hometown, this series is filled with action, mystery and intrigue.

Spanning five seasons and a total of one hundred thrilling episodes, Gotham explores the dark side of Gotham City, Batman’s iconic setting.

The series is notable for its focus on villains and the origins of notorious criminals, creating a dark and captivating backdrop. Despite the absence of the main character, Batman, the series manages to entertain with colorful and engaging stories.

The plot revolves around young detective James Gordon, played by Ben McKenziewho fights rampant crime and corruption in the city. Gotham City itself becomes a dark and oppressive character, helping to decide the fate of the characters.

The series features a wide variety of iconic characters from the Batman universe, including the Penguin, the Joker, the Riddler, Catwoman and many more.

Complex plots and twists riveted the audience to the screen, and the acting, including Robin Lord Taylor, Cameron Monaghan AND Corey Michael Smithbrings the characters to life with authenticity.

Gotham is a production that caught the attention of Netflix fans, offering a thrilling journey through the dark and unpredictable world of Gotham City.

very strange things

The famous TV series Stranger Things is a bewitching mixture of suspense, nostalgia and mysticism. Set in the 80s, the series paints a mural of human relationships intertwined with supernatural events. A group of children, shocked by the disappearance of a friend, discover a dark and parallel world, the Upside Down.

The small town of Hawkins becomes the stage for a mysterious investigation as monstrous creatures threaten the balance. The atmosphere is a homage to the 80s, with pop references and a vintage aesthetic that leaves viewers with a whirlwind of nostalgia. The young actors are authentic, and Winona Ryder shines as a troubled mother.

However, the plot can feel unwieldy at times, with subplots that slow the story down. However, the balance between supernatural tension and human connections makes Stranger Things a compelling and visually captivating experience.

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