Three series, without which one could not understand the current success of Spanish fiction


Three of the series most iconic of the last years of Antena 3, The Boarding school, Physics or Chemistry and Los hombres de Paco, they will return to the small screen in the next few months of different way. The first through a reboot for Amazon Prime Video, the second with a reunion in the form of a miniseries for ATRESplayer PREMIUM, and the third with a follow-up to Antenna 3.

A fever nostalgic that helps us to look back and analyze what this has meant these three series for the national industryand without which one could not understand the current international success of our fiction embodied by series like The house of paper, Vis-a-vis or Elite.

‘Los hombres de Paco’ had adaptations in France, Italy… or Bulgaria

Three mythical series in which joined forces with some of the biggest names in our fiction: Sonia Martinez, Daniel Écija, Álex Pina, Javier Olivares, Carlos Montero or Ivan Escobar. And that’s not to mention the huge talent pool of performers with actors like Paco Tous, Hugo Silva, Michelle Jenner, Ursula Corberó, Ana de Armas, Blanca Suárez, Adam Jezierski, Ion González, Maxi Iglesias, Martiño Rivas and Andrea Hard.

But, let’s go by parts. The first to debut out of all of them was Los hombres de Paco. Created by Daniel Écija and Álex Pina, creators also form joint The Serrano, fiction opened up a new avenue for comedy in Spain to be a caricature and parody of the National Police force.

The series, which dared to tackle the terrorism of the ETA in their frames, and traveled to numerous countries in the form of adaptation, told as a screenwriter with a name well known in our fiction: Javier Olivares.

And interestingly, according to an interview with the daily The World, it seems that the fruit of surfeit of olive Groves “to write a series with chachas andalusian and that kind of stuff”, he was born The Ministry of the Time.

“My brother (Paul Groves) was in programs great, as Who falls or The informal, but it was bad to see that no longer we worked together and, over a beer, we decided to write something that we liked, although not vendiésemos never” said a few days ago the creator.

Another kind of fiction was possible

In that fiction also we are working as scriptwriters Esther Martínez Lobato and Iván Escobar, two other big names of the current fiction. Creators next to Écija and Pina of Vis a vis, the series that marked a turning point for Globomedia, both worked also on another project pointer of the producer: The Boat.

Partner of Álex Pina in Vancouver Media, Martinez Lobato has lighting in recent years, series such as The pier, Sky Red, White Lines or The house of paperwith the that failed to win the Emmy International for best drama.

For its part, Escobar has continued the story of Vis-a-vis with three more seasons on FOX, the last of them named as The Oasis, it premiered last Monday as the most watched show of the payment.

As to the second of the series of that golden era, The Boarding School, this demonstrated that it was possible another type of fiction in our country mixing customs, and fantasy. Sold in countries of all continents, swept in audiences in Spain and had several adaptations international.

Among its creators was Daniel Écijaone of the pop of the Spanish fiction series as Family doctor, Journalists, The Group, A step forward, The Serrano, or the Red Eagle.

In recent years, Écija has lighting through his new production company The Good Mood I am aliveone of the series most recognized of The 1 and that will have an american remake, or The fencefiction that has gained special importance by appearing to follow the reality with the coronavirus.

The germ of ‘Elite’

In regard to Physics or Chemistry the series was created by Carlos Montero, current responsible alongside Dario Madrona of Elite, one of the most successful series for Netflix at the international level.

Montero, winner of the Award Spring The mess you leave behind, that will become series to Netflix, was also the creator of Ways to survive and has been a scriptwriter for series such as The commissioner, Genesis, in the mind of the killer, Live singing, or out of the classroom.

And behind all these series, a name in common: the Sonia Martinez. Current editorial director of Atresmedia Studios, the directive began to occupy the position of director of Fiction of Antena 3 in 2006.

Among his productions are the three aforementioned series and as Hispania, Hawks, Protected, Doctor Mateo, Gran Hotel, The Time between seams, Velvet, Vis a Vis, Fariña, or Sea of Plastic, among others. It is, furthermore, behind the executive production of various projects such as The pier (Movistar+), of which she is also the author of the original idea along with Álex Pina, or Temperance (Amazon Prime Video).