Three years ago I created a robot inspired by Scarlett Johansson, now I want to help you that you can also do it


Already some three years, in Xataka we did echo of a robot a, let’s say, peculiar. Ricky Ma, a designer from Hong Kong, I had developed a humanoid robot, inspired by Scarlett Johansson, the famous actress who plays the character ‘Black Widow’ in ‘The Avengers’. This robot, by the way, we now know that is called “Mark 1”, and the life of Ricky has changed dramatically after the media had their story. We wanted to talk with him to catch up, to know what has been of this curious robot and, of course, discover what is working now.

The Mark 1, beyond its appearance, stands out for have a skeleton made of 70% using a 3D printer. It was able to react to a series of voice commands (giving thanks when the designer called her “beautiful”, for example), even though the movements were a little… awkward. A little pretty, to deceive. In total, Ricky Ma will cost about $ 50,000 to manufacture their robotand on the horizon nearby was the objective of finding an investor who apostase by its development. However, things have changed and now you have another project in mind.

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Mark 1 is not the name of the armor of Iron Man

Screenshot 2019 03 14 At 14 33 05 The similarities with Scarlett Johansson are more than evident.

As he says the own Ricky in his web“the robot was inspired by a japanese manga called ‘Plawres Sanshiro‘” The said sleeve, which also had an animated version, which was about Sanshiro Sugata and PlaWrestler, a robot pocket miniature fighting against other robots. According to Ricky, “I was hoping to be able to see the robots communicate with people some day and helping us in our daily life“. His first design was a long way to fulfill that dream, but hey, no one said that the first steps were easy, isn’t it?

During his childhood, Ricky was visiting with his father of industrial production lines of Hong Kong, which helped him to understand some concepts, and learn various techniques and production skills. The pair, who studied design and worked, our protagonist did research on robots, something that, after 50,000 euros of investment, resulted in the birth of the Mark 1.

Screenshot 2019 03 14 At 14 11 22 The Mark 1 is able to react to various voice commands, such as to smile when he calls “beautiful”.

If you are a fan of the Marvel Universe will surely sound like that of “Mark 1″, and it is normal.” Mark 1 is the name given to the the first armor that Tony Stak manufactures when he is captured by the group “The Ten Rings” in Afghanistan during the first film of the saga, but it has nothing to do with the origin of the name of the replication of Johansson. Mark 1 comes from:

  • Ma, surname of the designer.
  • Sea, about march, the month in which the completed mounting.
  • MK, abbreviation of Mong Kok, the area with the highest density of population in the world located in Hong Kong.
  • Favorite verse of the Bible of Ricky Ma is Mark (9:23), which in English is Mark (9:23). This says the following: “Jesus said unto him, If thou canst believe, believes all things are possible.”
Img 5816

After 18 months of work, the Mark 1 became a reality. Reuters published its report, and the rest came alone. Media as Xataka, TechRadar, CNN, CNBC, FOX News, or The World echoed his feat and told their story. “After that, they invited me to attend some conferences and talks in schools and local colleges, as well as conferences abroad and interviews in Canada and Russia”, says Ricky, who claims to feel very “honored and surprised that you appreciated my story and my robot Mark 1”.

You would think that such a broadcast would have awakened the interest of some other company. After all, a robot is 3D-printed that with sufficient upgrades, it could be something more than a mere anecdote. And there has been, but Ricky you have not been convinced. He says, “some companies have been interested in my robot and in my development process, but their interests only point to how much money can you earn with my robot. Do not waste money or time on R & D, so that there is no cooperation at this time”.

The robot will be updated with other five faces that can be downloaded from the website of the designer coming soon

During these three years has not implemented major modifications to the robot. The only thing he has done has been to modify it in some sections for that “the manufacturing process is more systematized and easier to build by people with basic knowledge”. The reason, beyond optimizing the process, it has to do with the project that you have in your hands: a guide for anyone to be able to mount their own robot.

Objective: to launch a guide that any person can make their own robot

Book Ricky Ma The most important project (and nearly the only) in which Ricky is working on is the publication of his book.

Ricky tells us that she has “been busy”. The reason is not a new robot but a manual of instructions with which you want help any person who wants to develop his own Mark 1 at home. “In him are shown all the details of the entire manufacturing process of my robot and I hope that is easy to understand so that all people can make their own robot realistic”.

The manual of Ricky Ma contains all the necessary instructions for any person to manufacture its own Mark 1

The name of the manual is to ‘DIY Lifelike Robot Book’ and you can buy for 52 dollars in the web Rickyalthough right now is out of stock. Ricky confesses that it cost him $ 50,000 to complete the project, but said that “if any person reads the book with attention, you can save a lot of time and money“. Does not come alone, by the way, but there is a most comprehensive edition which includes the manual, the 3D files to print a robot and complete a subscription for “Makerland”, a section of your website (still under construction) from which users may download other creations.

Catches Book In the book it explains the whole process of manufacturing of a Mark 1, from the design of the exterior to the gears that make it move.

“I have received many orders from all over the world, approximately 26 countries and 93 cities“says Ricky, but actually doing it hasn’t exactly been easy. “It’s a heavy workload because all the book includes texts, proofreading, taking photos, drawings, designs and illustrations and traces to print”. This procedure requires time and concentration, but “my wife takes care of me and my family so that I can concentrate on my work”. When asked about other projects that has between hands, Ricky shows clear: “I Publish the book, is my most important project right now!”.

And it makes sense. It’s not only to help users who want to develop their own robots, but hopes to “help the industry of robotics is to develop more quickly“. The vision of Ricky is that the robots will help people in their day to day tasks in the future, as we have seen in some movies like ‘I, Robot’, and that is something that “could become a reality in 10 or 20 years.”

Some institutions like Boston Dynamics are already investigating these robots, but it still remains to be fully polished

“Today, some companies robotic are doing a study on this topic, but the budget is enormous,” says Ricky. Some examples we have in the robots Boston Dynamic, that in addition to running, jumping and tumbling can lift and withstand heavy loads. We have seen progress, but these robots not only have a margin of improvement, but they are expensive to make. In that sense, Ricky expects “that the technology to have full development, and that the price is set at the normal level of the market, then this dream could become a reality!”.