Through Tears, Alejandra Guzmán Assures That Her Father Is Innocent Of the Accusations of Frida Sofía

Alejandra Guzman.

Alejandra Guzmán spoke openly about the controversy generated by her daughter, where she reiterated her father’s innocence and expressed her desire to solve her family problems at home

After the scandal that Frida Sofía uncovered a few days ago for ensuring that she suffered sexual abuse since she was 5 years old by her grandfather, Enrique Guzmán, strong statements have come to light from other members of the family, who agree that the young woman 29-year-old has mental problems and that nothing he confessed is true.

During an interview with the Mexican journalist Adela MichaAlejandra Guzmán spoke openly about the controversy generated by her daughter, reiterated her father’s innocence, and expressed her desire to solve family problems at home, face to face, without public and in the presence of experts who can help her and of course Frida Sofía.

It was during the premiere of the program ‘Me Lo Dijo Adela’ by Heraldo Televisión, where the rocker spoke like few times about the recent confessions of her daughter, and assured that she is a devastated mother who had never experienced something as painful as seeing his father devastated by something he has not done.

“He never did anything to anyone in the family (Enrique Guzmán), so please realize where things come from and if you can help him to be a person who is my daughter and who I love with all my soul I do, but I want to put him up to here, ”he said through tears.

She shared that she has had difficult days after the influencer’s statements, for which the whole family has been judged, especially her and her father.

” It is not fair that we are judged, that we are singled out and that we are treated and that we are crucified with something that I have not done or my father, ” he added.

Completely sure that everything has been a lie and cause of Borderline (Borderline personality disorder), a disease that her daughter suffers from since she was a teenager, she spoke thus of the innocence of Silvia Pinal’s ex-husband:

“I tell you with my heart, because I know him, because he gave birth to me and because he gave me life and because I love him. I also love my daughter and gave her life and I forgive her because I know she is sick and she is not like that ”.

She reiterated her wishes to be able to find a healthy way out, which is why she is willing to let her father take legal action: “ Let him do whatever is necessary to discover the truth and allow him to be calmer. It’s good that he too does what he thinks is necessary. ”

To the specific question about why to disqualify the version of sexual abuse that Frida Sofía allegedly suffered, “The Queen of Hearts” assured that it is not the first time that her daughter resorts to defamation of her and other family members, however, This time it has gone too far to the point that everyone in the family is afraid.

“ I did not automatically disqualify her, I have been in the place where my father was, I have been in that place where they put me as the protagonist in a drama, my whole family is in the same trauma as me, we are all afraid of what may happen next because this is reaching an uncontrollable level. I do not know why there is that need to hurt us when I have given him everything. I have gone to all the therapies, to places where they can help me and I cannot help her because I have my problems, “she confessed.

Two months after not consuming drugs or alcoholic beverages, she said she was tired of the situation, so she does not intend to make any statement on this issue in the media again.

“That is unfair and today I have come to say it and I will never say it again. Today I close this chapter. If she wants to open it and accepts help in front of a psychoanalyst in front of a therapist in front of someone who can help us, go ahead, “he explained.

Resigned and with few alternatives, she said she was confident that everything would be resolved.

“ If this is going to reach the law, I hope it reaches the roots so that I can help it. It’s the only thing I ask of God because I can’t handle this, I leave it to Him because it really is very sad to be involved in so much shit. “


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