Throughout her career, She has only posado from the bikini line, once again


When you talk about the world always comes to my mind is the the sculptural figure of a blonde woman and outgoing when he is at the top of the stage.

However, little we thought of the young man with thick black hair and eyebrows, curlylike lucy, the barranquillera at the beginning of your career, when you were campaigning, and design.

And the thing is that Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll, has touched him to engage in several trades before his music career there.

Now think back to the time in which the artist, 43-year-old has made several different poses during a photo session, so that you dressed in a bikini a golden brown.

The only photo shoot of Shakira in a bikini:

There, you can see a She’s more cautious nowa little bit for me, but this would be an impediment to sobresaliera one of the attributes that you admire about your derrier.

And then, She hopes, because the public he did acry. She said that her fans asked for it is that it doesn’t let you see the dress in the bathroom and so she decided to play with them.

For colombia, this photo shoot was a sacrificebut he did, because, according to her, it’s nice to please the public as much as possible.

This photo shoot was made in 1994, when She had just reached the age of majority. His face has been chosen as the best player of the year in Colombia.

The criticized for having cellulite

For the majority of women take the so-called ‘orange peel’ which is normal. However, in the lthe cellulitis than She was when discovered in a photo that a paparazzi went viral on the social networks, and many attacked them with vicious messages to.

The comments have reached the point of relate to the treatment of cellulite with all of the moneybecause they said they did not understand how she had so much of the silver that is left in your legs to be like that.

This picture is one in which the performer I fell in love with’ are you sitting down, putting on a dress and some boots that leave you short your legs are.