Thunderbolts, David Harbor teases what the connection between Red Guardian and Elena will be

David Harbor is reprising his role as the Red Guardian in The Thunderbolts and teases what the relationship between the Red Guardian and his daughter Elena, played by Florence Pugh, will be like.

There Multiverse Saga will accompany the next few years of entertainment in the Marvel Universe, and will also include Thunderboltsfilm in production that will feature most of the MCU’s anti-heroes such as Elena From Florence Pugh AND Red Guardian From David Harbor. Both characters must stand out in Black Widow, a 2021 film focusing on Natasha Romanoff and her Black Widow past. A prequel film as it takes place many years before. Avengers: Endgame. And even if Scarlett Johansson he clarified that now that he has completed his journey as Black Widow, other characters connected to his story will return to the big screen to narrate a new adventure. David Harbor recently revealed what the relationship between Elena and the Red Guardian will be in Thunderbolts.

Thunderbolts, how the relationship between Elena and the Red Guardian will change according to David Harbor

David Harbor back in the movies Grand Tourismbut in recent years has been entertaining audiences on both the big and small screen with some exciting performances, from very strange things to Black Widow. And it is the character of the Red Guardian who will soon return to the cinema along with the Thunderbolts. And he won’t be alone: ​​accompanying him on this new adventure will be Florence Pugh, who will once again play the role of Elena Belova, Natasha’s sister. Interviewed Josh Horowitz for podcast Happy sad embarrassedthe actor expected that in The Thunderbolts, Red Guardian and Elena would have the opportunity to deepen their relationship.

I started working on it and it’s phenomenal. These projects are hard because I sound like a jerk when I say the script is great, but it’s true. I’ve been lucky enough to work with the Duffers who write some of the best scripts for television, and these Marvel writers are doing the same, writing incredible epic stories, allowing Red Guardian to do something they’ve never done before. We will delve into his relationship with Elena, it will be fun and emotionally rewarding. I’m so lucky.

According to the president of Marvel Studios Kevin Feige, Thunderbolts will also include unreleased characters as well as well known old names like Winter Soldier. Meanwhile, filming of the film had to be postponed due to the ongoing double strike of actors and writers in Hollywood.

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