Thus arose the FRIENDSHIP between Salma Hayek and Angelina Jolie | PHOTOS

A few weeks ago the Mexican actress Salma Hayek He shared on his social networks how he celebrated his birthday in the company of his loved ones, but what attracted the most attention was that the American actress was present at the celebration Angelina Jolie.

How did your friendship start?

Angelina and Salma are part of the cast of the new film of the Marvel Cinematic Universe “Eternals”, a production based on the comic of the same name.

In March 2019, Jolie confirmed that she would be joining the cast, while Salma confirmed her participation until June. Since then, both actresses began to be closer and to this day they have become very close friends.

What characters will they play?

The Mexican will be the one who plays Ajak, a wise and spiritual leader who has the ability to heal. For its part, the American will be Thena, an elite warrior who can create a weapon through her cosmic energy.

Best friends?

Salma is known for having many friends within Hollywood, but one of her most popular friends is the Spanish Penelope Cruz, with whom for years he has boasted a great friendship and closeness.

However, it seems that Angelina has not been left behind, since now she is one of the actresses closest to the artist, Well, on September 2, Salma Hayek’s birthday, she attended her birthday party and even collaborated to give her the famous “bite”.

The images posted by the 55-year-old actress show the exact moment when Brad Pitt’s ex-partner takes the head of the woman from Veracruz to take her to the birthday cake.

Later, Salma was filled with cake while her friend only saw her smiling when the others yelled “bite”.



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