Thus, he began his career in the television and not asked anything to Yanet Garcia: VIDEO


The controversy between Karla Luna, Karla Panini and Americo Garza is far from finished as each day comes new information to light, however, the last of the comare brown very few know him.

And is that Moon has not launched his career as a comedian or a singer as many people might imagine, Karla won the hearts of the public local climate.

The girl from the weather

Luna started giving the weather in the channel 34 of Monterrey; in the TV SHOW, so it was as the wagtail brown started with the right foot on the television.

Very different to how we remember it, Karla Luna sported a long blonde tresses and clear sinun apron or a lot less the nasty phrases that carecterizaban when I was in the role of a Washerwoman.

Unlike many of the girls in charge of giving the weather, Karla never wore sensual or clothing provocative as that we currently see in the headlines of this space, which stole the hearts and attention of the regal was always his great charisma.

Thanks to its popularity, Karla was contacted by Oscar Burgos, who invited her to participate in a program where he met who was his great friend Karla Panini.

By: Writing Digital The Herald Mexico