Thus, Yaman resumed his work in Sardinia, the fans stand up

Maybe Yaman is on holiday in Sardinia, but everyone wants photos and videos, and his fans on social networks are raising: “Leave him alone.”

Can Yaman came to the defense of the fans: they shoot like that in Sardinia, it's unacceptable

Can Yaman is in Holidays in Sardiniaby taking a little rest between one work commitment and another. The most beloved Turkish star of recent years is having fun in the most fashionable Poltu Quatu clubs, but the fans simply cannot leave him alone and are too obsessed with him, filming and photographing him while he eats and enjoys the evening. Thus, many of his supporters are furious and demand thatcoast of Yaman.

Can Yaman enjoys Sardinia

He is back in the role Francis Demir during the first take of the second season purple like the seamuch-loved Canale 5 audience fiction that sees Can Yaman next to the beautiful Francesca Chillemi. Many are interested in what will happen in the new season between Viola Vitale and Demir, since the journalist not only fears that the handsome inspector may turn out to be her half-brother, but, according to the latest rumors, a rival in love is on the way. After resuming the pace of the set with a new script in Italian after the all-English script for the television series El Turco, Yaman finally allowed himself a few days off. In fact, although summer has already begun, the Turkish star has been busy on the charity front with the Break the Walla Tour, where he met many fans and raised funds for his association – Can Yaman for Children – along with Humberto. I hospital in Rome. An initiative that confirms Can’s good heart and makes him even more irresistible in the eyes of his loyal supporters. In Sardinia, Yaman showed up dressed in white, smiling and ready to have fun with his friends, but there is something out of place that some fans have publicly pointed out.

Can Yaman, defended by the fans, is unacceptable!

While in Poltu Kuatua place that, like every year, is stormed by many Italian and international VIPs, Can Yaman he always shows himself very kind to the public, who, of course, will recognize him from a mile away at the mere sight of his lanky gait. A handsome Turkish man with such muscle mass and unruly hair certainly does not go unnoticed and fans come forward, film him and post a lot selfie.


Contrary to what some gossips claim, according to his fans, Can is always available and allows himself even in those moments that should be relaxing and confidentiality. Many, precisely on the basis of this reasoning, pointed out how unfairly to irritate Yaman, even when, so to speak, “out of duty.” Of course, fame comes at the expense of a total lack of privacy, but it’s true that saving yourself from being brazenly filmed without consent during dinner is something that can certainly be done without much effort. What do you think of the controversy?

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