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Tiësto, Justin Bieber, The Weeknd…will anyone manage to snatch No. 1 from Yatra and Towers? | From 40 to 1

This Saturday the envelopes return to #Del40al1CocaCola. Yes, the groundbreaking contest that had a spectacular reception among the audience a few seasons ago and that comes now loaded with unprecedented gifts on the radio. You can win spends 40,000 euros on prizes! No, we have not put any more zeros: 40,000. The envelopes contain iPhones 12, PS5, electric bikes, iMacs, televisions, AirPods, smart speakers, electric scooters…, and a boat that starts with 20,000 in cash. Stay tuned to the start of the program (10 in the morning; 9 in the Canary Islands) to know all the details.

And a boat that starts with 20,000 euros. / LOS40 Envelopes

We started by telling you this because we were looking forward to communicating it. But, as you know, the list has many other points of interest that we’ll deal with next. One is, of course, the fight for number one. Last Saturday, Sebastian Yatra and Myke Towers achieved the incredible feat of enter direct to the first place with Couple of the year. Will that big push be enough to endure another week as leaders? We would not be surprised, although his pursuers have been stomping.

Tiësto (#2), Álvaro de Luna (#3), Justin Bieber (#4), The Kid LAROI (#5), The Weeknd (#6) and Lil Nas X (#7) are the contenders who have the most chances, taking the top positions. Several of them have yet to reach No. 1, and this first list in June could bring them good news.

As for the Candidates opt for two positions in the chart Camillus with Million and ATB, Topic and A7S with Your love (9 PM). The first could do double: it is still in list with Life of rich, it was number one two weeks. On Twitter the HT #MyVote40 it smokes… We’ll see if they get enough support to consummate their income.

Vows and more gifts

Votes, votes… the VIP Vote will be run by Lérica, who debuted on Saturday in the list with Children with you, in collaboration with Mau and Ricky (#35). But, beware, the people of Cadiz cannot vote for themselves, so we look forward to knowing which other song on the list they will support. As for listener votes (902 39 40 40), we continue to give away films of strong and brave Disney princesses — on the occasion of the launch of Raya and the Last Dragon— and on this occasion we will give the BluRay of Pocahontas.

Everything listed so far makes up strong arguments to connect this Saturday to the musical program with the most listeners of the weekend. But there’s more: The Time Machine, list curiosities, new candidates, news… A non-stop of emotions for four hours.

Helen Hernandez is our best writer. Helen writes about social news and celebrity gossip. She loves watching movies since childhood. Email: Helen@oicanadian.com Phone : +1 281-333-2229

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