TIFF 2023: From Sean Penn to big stars Viggo Mortensen in Toronto

TIFF 2023

Despite more pessimistic and worrisome forecasts, the Toronto Film Festival will have a hard time competing with the 80th Film Festival. Venice International Film Festival (which we tell you live), as for the wonderful guests. And yet even on TIFF 2023 are now waiting for a significant number Hollywood starsdespite the strike organized by SAG-AFTRA and who will be able to participate in the event thanks to agreements signed by an organization of the same category.

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Adam Driver To Mads Mikkelsenfrom Jessica Chastain Peter Sarsgaardbut also Olga Kurilenko, Lea Seydoux and Liam Neeson – not to mention the directors (like Fincher, Coppola, Mann, Link later AND Allen) – ideally they will face the army on the Lido Sean Penn, Dakota Johnson, Finn Wolfhard, Viggo Mortensen, Maya Hawk, Nicolas Cage, Laura LinneyJessica Chastain is also in Venice with Memory and, perhaps Kristin Scott Thomas Michael Keaton and Kate Winslet For Polar Star, Knox leaves AND Leedirected by them.

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Various Goodbye, hellish summer, The dead don’t hurt, dream landscape AND wild cat these are just some of the names scheduled from 7 to 17 September included in the list of films that were able to benefit from “interim” agreements negotiated by the union, especially regarding “independent” productions. This could lead to Canada as well. Thea Sharrock (for Wicked Little Letters), Ellen Kuras (she yes, for Lee), Richard Linklater (For Hitman) And Ethan Hawke For wild catas co-writer and producer, as well as director.

Not the only one, as well as in Venice, who was present precisely because of the direction of his film, as will be Taika Waititi For Next goal to win, Craig Gillespie For stupid money, David Yates For Pain hijackers, George C. Wolfe For Rustin, John Carney For Flora and son, Elizabeth Chai Vasarheli and Jimmy Chin For Nyad AND christ niku For Nails.

TIFF 2023
(f. George Pimentel)

There’s not much to do except for sensational surprises for those hoping to see the stars at TIFF 2023 – always busy with movies. indie – How Al Pacino, Robert DeNiro, Olivia Colman, Jessie Buckley, Annette Bening, Glen Powell or Chris Pine (also director of Poolman), Cate Blanchett (also producer of several films) e Anna Kendrick (behind camera woman of the hour).

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