tiffany blue enamel is the color of the summer

When Hailey Bieber Showcased at the gala for the reopening of the iconic Tiffany & Co. store in New York with painted toenails and fingernails enamel in details n pendant, distinguished and characteristic bright blue As for the jewelry maison, we knew right away that this would be the color we’d be seeing on our tips and toes for this summer.

tiffany nails better than diamonds

like a diamond, tiffany enamel He is now the girls best friend. Hailey’s manicure was so popular that close-up photos of her nails instantly went viral on the net. And it immediately meant one thing: the shade of blue became trend.

This shed is special, after all. The famous Tiffany Blue, which is listed in the Pantone palette at number 1837, is a patented strategic choice for the company, for which it represents a business card. As per jewelery policy, only this fineness can be used in the production of all products. From jewelry to perfumes, boutique interior design and much, much more. tiffany blue Combine blue and green colors: Their blend recalls the deep nuances and purity of the Indian Ocean. thus also embracing the trend mermaidcorevery strong now.

a perfect color for going out comfort zone

Turquoise is the perfect color for a summer pedicure. If it may sound a little pretentious on the hands, it is Perfect for showing off your toes Since the lower limbs don’t steal as much attention as the hands. With blue, you can leave the normal one in a corner for a few weeks. nude Or red – after all, you can get away with it during the holidays. Comfort Zone.

Tiffany blue, light blue, turquoise are all variations of the same beautiful color. However, it is rarely used by designers because it is too complicated: in fact, it overwhelms even the most beautiful dress models. Under the heading “turquoise” there is a huge range of colors from ultramarine to emerald green, which, alas, are difficult to match. However, Tiffany Blue rhymes better than other colors with the stunning beaches of Maldives. So, if a trip to heaven is on our wishlist, let’s book it with a manicure or pedicure To be perfect for the perfect holiday.

In the meantime, in the gallery, some nail polish tips to start acquainting yourself with this precious nuance,

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