Tik Tok: is Bryce Hall confirmed the romance Sommer Ray with Tayler Holder?


Bryce Hall of Tik Tok has fueled rumors that his good friend Tayler Holder is going out with the popular model of Instagram Sommer Ray 23-year-old. While Hall apparently had a relationship on/off with the feeling of TikTok, Addison Raethe love life of the Holder has remained a mystery.

Although there have been rumors throughout his young career, this seems a little more concrete, and now Hall has hinted at it a little more than two could be an item.

Bryce recently completed his courtship with the star of Tik Tok, Addison Rae.

The fans have been very sad to learn of the separation of the tiktokers and they hope soon to know if it is a definite break or if there’s still hope/Photo: KISS

After numerous apparitions in line togetherin the publications of Instagram Lives or TikTok of others, many fans began to speculate that Holder and Ray were seeing, and although no one has confirmed the rumors, is starting to become a bit more clear.

While talking with her fans TikTok Live, he was asked to Bryce about the potential partner and gave an answer quite interesting. “Are you dating Tayler and Sommer Ray?” he read, as the questions came.

“I wish I could tell you the answer,” he continued. “It seems that they are. Definitely you are feeling all the faces and things like that.” He continued joking, saying that “definitely, maybe, is you are kissing. I will say that you probably have kissed,” adding that” you should not accept [su] word.”

Possible romance between Sommer Ray and Tayler Holder

Despite what he said during the live broadcast, Bryce tweeted later that “look” to attorney general Holder and Kelianne Stankus, another famous TikToker with which it has been linked to Holder for several weeks.

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Certainly it seems rather that Tayler and Sommer you are seeing given how close they have found in their recent publications in the social networks, and with Bryce confirming in any way that the two “they are kissing”, fans should probably expect some sort of announcement about his marital status. soon.