Tik Tok: those Who are a part of the Shluv House in the Los Angeles area?


Most of the stars in the TikTok the largest in the United States are living in a number of houses The Angelsand there’s a new one to add to the mix: what is the Shluv House?

The homes, TikTok are all the rage at the moment. There is a Hype The House with some of the biggest names such as Chase, Hudson, Addison, Rae, and Thomas Following, and not to mention, ex-members, Charli, and Dixie, D ‘ Amelio, of course).

Then, you have to Sway the House with Bryce Hall, Kim Cyr, He, He, Griffin and Johnson, and above it Was Going, and He Hossler. And, of course, is the Club House with a Daisy Keech, Abby Rao, Chase, Keith, and many more.

These homes are also a place of chaos, where the young stars of the TikTok live, and to shoot content together. But now, it seems that there is a new house to add to the rivalry with the TikTok.

What is the Shluv House?

The house is Shluv is a mansion in the Los Angeles area, where he lives Shluv Contents of TikTok. Shluv the Gang was started by a JustMaiko, who went to his Instagram to promote the new home.

He said: “I would like to introduce to you, the home Shluv. This is the greatest achievement of my life that has happened up to now. words can not express how happy and grateful I am for social networking, my family, my friends and all my fans.”

20 years old, and Michael has millions of followers on their various platforms, and he managed to throw himself to the fame of his family.

Michael has become one of the stars of the most popular video platform, but also began to fame with his younger brother, Jonathan, whom he referred to as “Mini-Mike”/Photo: Youtube

On his YouTube channel, JustMaiko gave a tour of the house, the house in Los Angeles, california, has a great design open plan, 7 bathrooms, an indoor swimming pool and other outdoor activities.

Those who make up the Shluv House?

The videos of Michael on YouTube, shows the Instagram of the official members of the house Shluv, which include mr. Javier Romero, Matthew Gonzalez, Michael UY and His Will.

Others who have been in the House Shluv on the social networks, they are Spencer’s X, Derek Graham, known as the ” asapgoku online, Jon Klaasen inactivity before either girl was Joy. All of the members of the TikTok and the star of the social network.

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The account is from the Tik Tok of the Shluv House

The House is Shluv it also has its own TikTok. Members of film and the content is put together and posted on the official twitter account @ShluvHouseLA. The account already has over 300 thousand followers, and 1.9 million of the taste.