TikTok Banned Video users Face, the Ugly and the poor Promoted


Suara.com – TikTok called, ask the moderator on social media for suppressing video of a user that contains an ugly face and arms, as well as censor the content of the views/comments of certain political.

Some internal documents TikTok, reported the The Intercept At the end of last week, shows that social media is the origin of China instructed the moderators that the video is to the user the face ugly.

Video taken from the video in the slums, the poor and the infirm is also prohibited, promoted, preached CNet.

The moderator is banned, the videos on the page as “For you”, the attention of the users may prefer to use a rule around the world.

But a spokesman for the TikTok said that the document reported The Intercept it is out of date a document that is no longer used.

“Guide, which aired The Intercept it is no longer used,” a spokesman for TikTok said.

Meanwhile, at the end of the weekend The Wall Street Journal reported that the TikTok decided to have, not anymore with the presenter in China for the monitoring of the content owned by the user outside of the country. Instead of TikTok recruit moderators from countries in which the company operates is.