TikTok: Do peppers and soda really cause gastritis?

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Pachuca – Usually, through word of mouth, it is believed that if you eat chili or other stimuli such as sodaacidic juices, fats or other gastritisso you avoid these foods, but it’s actually for an entirely different reason and will surprise you, as happens in Tik Tok Graduated from the Autonomous University of Hidalgo (united arab emirates) and described all of these myths in detail, so read on so you can understand anyway.

its about @preguntalealbiologo Who also explained before that bathing is more likely to soil the body than continuous bathing, you can read this link; but, for his new content posted on the short video social network that has become a trend, he stated that “we were deceived”.

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“…the reality is that the real reason for all this is bacteria It’s called Helicobacter pylori, or at least that’s what they told me in college… Its discovery was based on one of the strangest experiments in history”, commented the young biology student.

In the first part of his explanation, @preguntalealbiologogastritis.

He found blue dots shaped like Bacillus and did some tech and research around them like comparing them to people who don’t gastritis chronic and reinforced his hypothesis that the disease is caused by bacteria; however, his fellow scientists took him for granted.

Tea you will inject A disease Find out why?

But Robin Warren was not alone, with Barry J Marshall arriving to support his investigation, narrating Tik Tok In another part of the video, he added that one of his patients responded well to an experimental drug, but the mucous membranes remained irritated, and the study was expanded to include stomach ulcers.

Although found to be curable gastritis, the main method of linking the bacteria to its cause was not yet reliable; therefore, scientists stepped up efforts to try to infect pigs, but without success. But one of those experts, Barry J. Marshall, was ready for anything, even beyond his fitness.

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He stuck to this assumption and decided injection this bacteria give him gastritisthough not any pathogen, but one that has been shown to be curable; after a few days, he felt nothing, but on the seventh day, he felt very unwell, and studies showed that he was indeed sick, and he was treated and cured up.

Although no medical journals were willing to publish it until 1983 Lancet He resumed his work, but the world didn’t react in a good way and “exploded”, thousands of investigations were launched around what the scientific revolutionaries did, and they didn’t receive their novels until decades later .

then why Belief about what chili and annoying reason gastritis?

To close a clip, Tik Tok of united arab emirates explained that although it is now known bacterial cause this gastritis Although this ability can be acquired during childhood and develops as a person grows up, the form of contagion is unknown.Although the belief annoying This may be because doctors recommend avoiding them during treatment so that the condition does not worsen.


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