TikTok is Designed to rival Google and Facebook!


KLIKANGGARAN.Com, Zhang Yiming is the founder of byte dance of China. Probably, most people don’t know what it is byte dance, but the registration is carried out by byte dance can, so that most of the people who tried it or never heard the name. Yes, TikTok! Yes, agreed Tiktok is an application created by byte-dance of China.

So, the founder of the byte dance China, of course, the owner of the app TikTok very successful.

For many years, Zhang is aiming to byte dance the first Chinese companies able to compete with the internet giants on the global stage.

On Thursday, Zhang Yiming important steps to achieve it. [Reuters]

What an important step it is? This creates new leadership positions for the firm byte dance in China. In a letter to the staff, Zhang said that he will now focus on global expansion and new initiatives such as the education.

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In an exclusive interview recently with Reuters, Zhang talked in detail about his vision in the context of byte dance as a company that is fully global in the image of Google and Facebook, even if byte-dance face assessment of the national security of the U.S. government, the practice of data TikTok.

As a note, some U.S. government Agency employees with TikTok has prohibited, since the problem of data security.

“There are a lot of misconceptions,” said Zhang from a hotel room in New York, where he spoke to Reuters via a video call with the help of the app the productivity of the work byte dance that Lark. “We are more localized in a different market than people think.”

TikTok has the world of social media is powerful, especially in the United States, causing byte-dance to rise to nearly 100 billion US-Dollar in the secondary market, a source of mediation of the court, to Reuters.

It’s not just because of the luck factor, she says, to understand the situation.

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At the beginning of 2013, when the new company was a year old and unlikely to generate sales, Zhang began planning its global expansion, according to Joan Wang, a beginning investor, byte dance and managing Director of SIG China.

Zhang said Wang in various meetings and calls that he believes that algorithm based recommendations KI in news aggregators speak Mandarin, Jinri Toutiao, can be extended in a variety of languages and content formats.

“Resources at the moment, it seems far from enough, the goal of the global,” said Wang.


TikTok is in talks with the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States on the steps to enable it to avoid the sale of assets of the Musicals.ly obtained and then integrated into the TikTok, it said.

Overview of the CFIUS will be dealt with in the middle of the rising tensions in US-China and US concerns about how user data.

Byte dance have also tried to separate Ticktock a lot of companies in China, to give the try, assurances to CFIUS, according to Reuters.

“I’m not directly involved in this situation,” said Zhang, when asked about how the talks with the CFIUS takes place. He said that overall he was “optimistic” about the interaction with the U. s. government.

Zhang declined to comment on whether CFIUS satisfied with the handling of the data TikTok today.

Earlier this week, the company announced that it is the establishment of a “transparency center has to demonstrate” in Los Angeles, the regulatory authorities and the public as well as for the management of data and content in the platform.

One of the investors byte dance major, told Reuters that some Fans have suggested that the spin-off Ticktock last year, but the company has not considered that option. A source who knows the company was also told Reuters Zhang is still in control of the election of the company, which collected billions of dollars from prominent investors, including SoftBank Corp (9984.T), KKR & co., Inc. (TRC.N) and Sequoia Capital China.

All relatives, byte dance declined to comment. [Reuters]

The persecution will be, the more intense the global success occurs in the middle of the growing danger of censorship in China, after the government in the year 2018 shut down one of the flagship products in the byte dance, a joke app, for the content of the “lowbrow and vulgar”.

Zhang said, he spent two thirds of his time outside of China in the past year, and to enjoy and love the musical museum and London’s West End. He plans to spend more time abroad this year as part of efforts to “more understanding.”


Zhang aware of the strategy of the internet giant A. S., including Google, google Inc (GOOGL borrow.A) Google – Office-byte dance in Beijing is decorated with posters, including the cover of the book, the former CEO of Google Eric Schmidt’s “How Google Works.”

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He gave a speech in the town hall to discuss all of the two months, the purpose of the two heads, a strong knowledge of the work of the culture of Google. He also avoids the Convention of China, and they tell the employees not to call him “boss” or “boss”.

And Zhang, the company reaffirmed its product development has become global. Social media app India new name, the Helo is an example of a product that is designed, bytes dance from the beginning at the local market. “We believe that the market of digital advertising in the short term in India is small, but the growth potential is huge,” he said.

Lark, productivity apps work, is also optimized for the global market. Zhang throw to launch a first plan, with a focus on China and insisted that it was specifically in the United States, Europe and Japan since the beginning, said a company source.

But there are some signs that the political pressure in the US to change the plan: lark, redirect the focus of a ” big push in the US market, including Japan and Europe, the source said. A spokesman for the byte dance said, Japan, Singapore, and India are the main markets.

Lark Chinese version, called Feishu, recently always very much momentum because of the outbreak of the corona virus has created an increase in demand for the tools of the work-from-home.

Byte dance in the year 2018 you will start the preparation of the first stages to compensate for on a cruise abroad, the political uncertainty in the country. At the end of last year, the company has said talks with the China securities regulator about the possibility of the list of sources, although it is still more like New York or Hong Kong.

“Currently, the IPO is not urgent and we have no plans immediately,” said Zhang. “But internally, we are making preparations as if we are working on the IPO.”