TikToker Khaby Lame in the video game Fortnite

Represents a video game character. Fortnite From epic games comedian Habane Serin LameIt means that Xabi LameSenegalese content creator naturalized in Italian and the world’s most popular user on the platform. tik tak. At the moment it is almost 162 million followers.

Xabi Lame from TikTok to Fortnite

Xabi Lame’s videos are usually built around silent commentary on the exaggerated or exaggeratedly unsuccessful exploits of other content creators, starting with the format that brought him success and in which, with expressions of weary incredulity and exaggerated gestures, he showed how easy it was to carry out activities. which in other videos was done in a very complex way.

Xabi Lame’s meteoric TiKTok career began during the first phase of the COVID-19 pandemic, when he was fired from his factory in the Turin area where he worked and is now sworn in as a content creator Cannes Film Festival and became a partner Hugo Bosscomic book protagonist, judge Italy has talent and indeed the character Fortnite next to movie superheroes Marvel and comics ANNOUNCEMENTaliens star Warsninja from manga naruto and fishmen.

Fortnite video game by Epic Games

Fortnite is a highly successful video game available for free for computers, consoles and Android devices. It has various modes, but the main one is the one that has established itself as “Battle Royale” inspired by a Japanese film and a series of novels started from the novel of the same name Koushun Takami and from which the TV series was also inspired The Hunger Games From Suzanne Collins (which later became a series of films with Jennifer Lawrence as the main character).

Fortnite it is funded by the sale of objects to customize the character’s appearance, such as “skins”, i.e. costumes/skins to wear, as in the case of Xabi the Limp’s 3D model. Skin Khaby Lame is part of Battle passes belonging Chapter 4 – Season 4 of Fortnite, a subscription that can be purchased to access the game’s exclusive content.

It’s also unusual that the content creator is being added as a skin in the Battle Pass, rather than just being made available for purchase on the Fortnite digital content store. Xabi Lame is interpreted in this case as a character of mass culture on a par with, say, Spiderman.

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