Tiktoker mistook a wireless headset for ibuprofen and swallowed it – it kept working in his stomach

The AirPod recorded sounds from inside her body and she posted it on social media.


The TikTok user identified as @imacarliiib never imagined that her most popular post would stem from a domestic accident that ended up in the hospital. Millions of users of that social network witnessed his misadventure: the young woman swallowed a wireless earphone believing it was an ibuprofen pill. Most striking: the audio component kept working inside her stomach, she recorded the sounds and shared them.

It’s not an ibuprofen, it’s an AirPod

The headphones Apple AirPods They are not as small as a pill of the aforementioned pain reliever, although they can evidently be digested by accident. This was told by the tiktoker in a publication in which she cried when explaining her confusion: “I was getting into bed. I had ibuprofen 800 in my right hand and my left AirPod in my left hand. I took my bottle of water and took a sip, then realized it was not the ibuprofen. I tried to throw it up but it didn’t come out. “

In a later post, @imacarliiib said that he had X-rays taken and that doctors said that fortunately the electronic component had not damaged his stomach. With more tranquility, the girl shared with her audience a chat in which she sent a friend a recording that the AirPod made inside your body. It happens that the headset was still working and linked to his iPhone phone; For the unsuspecting, it is a wireless accessory.

Without needing to offer exhaustive details, the AirPod was kicked out. The tiktoker assured that he will not use it again.

Digested AirPods: a precedent

Although it sounds crazy, the case of the tiktoker is not the only one of its kind. As the site remembers Hypertextual, he known the misfortune of a 38-year-old man who swallowed his AirPod while sleeping. An X-ray confirmed the incident. The end of the story? The earpiece was removed with an endoscopy.

The original AirPods were launched by Apple in 2016, at that time standing out for its ability to link with other devices via Bluetooth and, in that sense, for the absence of cables. Also because of its small size, convenient in many ways, although it could sometimes cause losses and oversights like the one we met this week.

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