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Review of TILL DEATH, the horror with Megan Fox on home video from February 23, 2023.

The cover of the blu-ray version of TILL DEATH.


CAST: Megan Fox, Eoin Macken, Callan Mulvey, Aml Ameen
DURATION: 90 minutes
RELEASE DATE: February 23, 2023
DISTRIBUTOR: Midnight Factory


Emma (Megan Fox) is unhappily married to a top lawyer (Eoin Macken). The morning after the eleventh wedding anniversary, the woman wakes up handcuffed to her husband’s corpse and immediately realizes that she is at the center of a terrible revenge by the man who had promised to love her “until her death do us part.” .”

Till Deaththe horror that marks the return of Megan Fox in front of the camera is one of the welcome surprises at the end of February in the Midnight Factory home video catalogue.

With a handful of actors and the camera almost always aimed at the best Fox, Till Death has the undeniable advantage of keeping us on our toes from the first to the last framein addition to making us feel very coldgiven that the story takes place in winter, near a frozen lake, inside a freezing chalet with the protagonist in bare feet.

A hero that already from his gaze communicates his to us uneasehis phobias, but also his Force and determination not to become a victim. And in doing so it keeps us by his side during a ruthless game of cat and mouse, in which she should be doomed to succumb slowly and in the worst way.

The topic is therefore one of the “hot” ones, we are talking about one toxic relationship which even continues postmortembut everything is approached from the right angle and in the end the message gets across without preventing the viewer from enjoying a revenge movie.

At this point it can not surprise us that the work directed by Scott Give it – here in his directorial debut (!) – has received comments positive from critics it’s a considerable support aside of the public (on Rotten Tomatoes garnered a staggering 90% approval rating). His film is one of those projects that with a couple of caveats he could have to aspire to the top step of the podium. Because the thriller and horror genres go hand in hand – on the other hand the director himself confirms that he has taken as a reference Hitchcock How much Stephen King – as well as action And suspense is balanced avoiding to prevail one over the other.

But there is a but.

Above all in the second part, some reactions of Emma are irrational blowing up the identification of the user who remains disoriented and uncomfortable: the woman’s choices are not the right ones or, at least, the ones the viewer would have liked to make. And this brings down the tension, which then needs its time to return to normal. In some cases, she finds herself yelling at the television in the hope that the poor thing will take our advice, which could be a ‘experience, but we are not sure it is the one wanted by the production. Not to mention that, once we get to the moment the plot reveals itself, the question arises: Was all this mess really necessary?

Some forcings have probably been introduced to favor the surprise effect rather than logic, but it is a pity that they have hindered a good project in achieving excellence. Nonetheless fun is guaranteed. It stimulates discussion and provokes emotions. So… mission accomplished!

We close by reporting the presence of a bookletsboth in the blu-ray version and in the dvd, in which you can discover curious anecdotes of the making of… and if the house seems to have already been seen, you will understand why!

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