Tim Burton hates AI-generated images inspired by his style

Recently, with the proliferation of apps and automatic image generators, heated debates have arisen regarding artificial intelligence, which also featured artists, designers and animators. Many big names in the film industry have championed the craftsmanship of art, and the latest is director Tim Burtonwho has recently spoken out quite harshly regarding the artistic creations of AI.

Over the summer, Buzzfeed published an article with a gallery dedicated to Disney characters “Tim Burton style”: It’s a shame that this was not fan art posted by an artist on the Internet, but digital images created by artificial intelligence based on a hint. Among the photographs were for example Elsa From Frozen or princess Aurora de sleeping Beauty depicted as the main character Corpse Bride.

The article went viral and was appreciated by Disney fans, but not by Tim Burton himself. When shown the photographs during an interview with The Independent, the director The nightmare before christmas he reacted in horroraddressing these creations with merciless commentary.

“They made AI versions of Disney characters in my style? I can’t describe the feeling this brings. It reminded me of those cultures that believe that photography can steal a person’s soul. What AI does is suck something out of you, your soul or your psyche. This is truly alarming, especially if it has to do with your art. It’s like a robot is stealing your humanity or soul.

We remind you that Tim Burton is currently working on a sequel to the film. Beetle juice, although production is currently on hold due to a cast strike. We will find a star in the cast Wednesday Jenna Ortega, Michael Keaton, Winona Ryder AND Catherine O’Hara. However, on the new entry front there will be Willem Dafoe, Justin Theroux AND Monica Bellucci.

Source: Variety

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