Tim Burton is waiting for “Beetlejuice” and the new “Environment”: ten films to review

After a moment of intense discomfort due to disappointment in Dumbo (“I realized that the elephant is me,” he said to Rome) Tim Burton is experiencing a golden phase: she returns after the global success of the series with Jenna Ortega Wednesday which, if strikes of writers and actors allow, will soon receive a second season, has almost completed production Beetlejuice 2the sequel to his cult film, which features almost the entire cast. Michael Keaton To Winona Ryderand finally found a new love – Monica Bellucci.

Monica Bellucci: “I am glad to meet Tim Burton. I love”

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Tim Burton is 65 (born in Burbank, California on August 25, 1958), and while waiting for new productions, the best way to celebrate him is to watch his extraordinary film review. Here are ten films and where to find them.

Little monsters grow up: freaky, cute and magical, here are Tim Burton’s boys

by Chiara Ugolini

“I am who I am,” says Burton, and nothing is more true for an author with an unmistakable style. And if he doesn’t like the “dark” label, he’s clearly attracted to a number of topics considered obscure, which we also find for the most part here. gothic world Beetlejuice – Pig Sprite it needs to be restored or viewed on Sky and Now. A reverse exorcist is summoned by a married couple who died in a car accident (Geena Davis AND Alec Baldwin) to free their home from its new owners, an eccentric New York family. Winona Ryder in the 1988 film, it was Lydia, the goth daughter of the new tenants, the only one who could feel them and wanted to help them.

Edward, the scissorhanded boy created by the scientist who died before he could finish him off, is par excellence the “outcast” in Burton’s filmography. This film, in addition to the fact that it marked the beginning of a fruitful relationship with Johnny Depp, is also one of the films that the director considers more personal. “Together with Ed Wood, he is a character that has always been close to me.” An impossible and perfect love story, like snowfall. On Disney+.

Sleepy Hollow Mysteryinspired by a nineteenth century fairy tale Legend of Sleepy Hollow From Washington Irvinestarring again Johnny DeppThe film follows the investigation of police officer Ichabod Crane (Depp), sent from New York to investigate a series of murders in the village of Sleepy Hollow by a mysterious headless horseman. On Disney+.

On the set of Miss Peregrine: Tim Burton’s New World

When the young protagonist Jacob arrives at the home for special children, he meets characters with the same unusual abilities and characteristics as the students of Nevermore and, above all, the very special Miss Peregrine from Eva Green. As for Burton’s closeness to boys, the director himself, speaking about this film, said: “I remember very well the feelings that I had as a child. I still think about these things, because when you experience such feelings, they stay with you. forever”. It is undeniable that in many ways the director, who in practical life had to grow up quickly, living with his grandmother at 12 and away from home at 16, despite his 65 years, remained a special boy inside himself. Miss Peregrine – House of unusual children on Disney+.

The world in stop-motion animation Corpse BrideNetflix), an animated film about Emily, a young bride who is murdered by an unscrupulous treasure hunter, also appears in the series. Wednesday. This connection between the world of the living and the world of the dead is a great classic of Burton’s cinema, talking more than once about trying to communicate with loved ones, starting with a short film. Vincent (1982).

Tim Burton: “Weird, the most sensitive and creative, my real friends.”

But there are those who do much more than just communicate with the dead, they would like to bring them back to life. Like Victor Frankenstein, a little boy who has only one playmate, Sparky, his pet dog. When Sparky is hit by a car, Victor does everything to resurrect him. A live-action short film directed by Burton in 1984 became a stop-motion feature in 2012. This is a very personal story for Burton, who said he wanted to make this film to explain a child’s first great love for their pet and first great pain. when this one dies. On Disney+.

7. Dark Shadows (2012)

dark shadows (Netflix) is inspired by the sixties soap opera of the same name created by Dan Curtis featuring Johnny Depp, Helena Bonham Carter, Michelle Pfeiffer AND Chloe MoretzIn the middle of the 13th century, the Collins and their young son Barnabas traveled from England to Maine, where they established a commercial empire and contributed to the birth of the city that bears their name: Collinsport. Years later, Barnabas is a rich and handsome young gentleman who falls madly in love with the sweet Josette and in doing so breaks the heart of Angelique Bouchard, who served and adored him. Thirsty for revenge, Angelica, a powerful witch, turns him into a vampire and buries him alive. Waking up in 1972, Barnabas finds that his estate and his family have fallen into disrepair and that the entire town lives on the myth of the enterprising Angie, a successful businesswoman and an old acquaintance of Barnabas.

8. Big fish (2003)

Big fishfrom book Daniel Wallacetells the story of an old salesman who counts the bales (Albert Finney) stupidly rooted in the fantastic stories with which he described his life, or a mysterious and mythological character, an adventurer with an extraordinary life. Son Ewan McGregor and you can see it on Tim Vision.

The iconic movie, which will be shown between Halloween and Christmas, is an animated cartoon with a double caption: Burton/Selick on Disney+. On the night that Jack Skeletron, Lord of Halloweentown, decided to take the place of Santa Claus in Christmastown, the children received the scariest gifts. But love managed to save him.

10. Wednesday, Nevermore: Hooligans and Crimes

Teen from the Addams Family (Jenna Ortega), is antisocial and gothic with a passion for mysteries (she writes one with her alter ego, Detective Viper) and a talent for playing the cello after avenging her brother Pugsley on bullies (“my brother, I’m torturing him, only me”) ends up in Nevermore, an orphanage for special children, where many years ago his mother Morticia (Catherine Zeta-Jones) and his father (Luis Guzman) fell in love. Despite her best attempts to escape, she will eventually become embroiled in a series of murders that will shake up the school, and against her will, she will have to ask for help from her classmates, sirens, gargoyles, female wolfs, and others, to try and solve the mystery. The series is available on Netflix.

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