Tim Burton turns 65. “Big Fish”, “Edward Scissorhands”, “Batman”: director’s films that are worth watching

For younger and perhaps more distracted viewers, the name Tim Burton mainly associated with Wednesday, the series appeared on Netflix after being presented at Lucca Comics and went viral on social media. Tim Burton, born in 1958 and originally from California, and more specifically from the Burbank area of ​​Los Angeles, is actually a multi-faceted director who can handle all genres of the seventh art. From biopic to fairy tale, from musical to animation, there is no challenge that Burton would not take on in his creative journey. But what’s interesting is that each of these projects bears his signature, to the point that you can always tell when the film was made by Tim Burton, who managed to turn his vision into an adjective. Bertonian. On the occasion of his sixty-fifth birthday, we present a list of feature films signed by stage setting worth seeing at least once in a lifetime.

Tim Burton movies you should watch at least once in your life

Edward Scissorhands

Without a doubt, one of the most beloved and at the same time the most successful films in the entire filmography of Tim Burton. Edward Scissorhands, a film that also marks the debut of a successful collaboration between the Burbank native director and his fetish actor. Johnny Depp. If we wanted to do an extreme synthesis, we could say that Edward Scissorhands it’s just a movie that reveals the archetype The beauty and the Beast. In fact, at the center of the story is a kind of human android with a very pure heart, who has scissors instead of hands. Pulled from a ruined hilltop castle, Edward comes to live in the home of a classic American family, where he falls in love with his savior’s teenage daughter. Edward’s love for KimWinona Ryder), a girl who almost ascends to the level of a female angel, is very pure, but also contrasting, precisely because of the diversity of the protagonist and his “monstrosity”. But just like in a classic fairy tale The beauty and the Beast, true beauty is in the heart. A touching tale full of poetry that reflects on the importance of diversity against the backdrop of an increasingly obvious cultural flattening. Edward Scissorhands This is a movie that breaks hearts.

Big fish

Big fish generally considered one of the manifesto films of the entire filmography of Tim Burton. According to some critics, it also marks a break between the poetic Tim Burton of the first stage and the more commercial and “corrupt” Tim of the second stage, which then led to the production of dubious films such as Chocolate Factory or Alice in Wonderland. If you would like to describe Big fish You could say that the film is the story of a journey. Man on his deathbedAlbert Finney) devoted himself to telling his son about the extraordinary adventure that characterized his youth. Thus begins the story of a truly exceptional life spent among giants, witches and old stories, and ending with the meeting of the young protagonist (played by Ewan McGregor) and the woman who was destined to become the great love of his life.

Ed Wood

WITH Ed Wood Tim Burton brings to the screen an imaginative biographical story dedicated to Edward D. Wood, Jr. considered the worst director of all time. Forced to work with ridiculous budgets, but with ambitions to bring the great works of science fiction to the big screen, Ed Wood, directed by Burton and starring Johnny Depp this is a character full of enthusiasm, but he lacks the talent required by Hollywood. Again, a clumsy character, an outsider who liked to wear angora sweaters and his wife’s clothes. With this feature film, Tim Burton is undeniably a love letter to the Series B cinema, the one he loved as a child and which he always felt was too much for the labels and film critics.

Sweeney Todd is an evil hairdresser from Fleet Street.

Sweeney Todd is an evil hairdresser from Fleet Street. one can almost imagine a dark and gloomy version of the protagonist Edward. Edward Scissorhands. The protagonist of this musical, also played by Johnny Depp, is a man who returns to London after being framed by a corrupt judge blinded by voluptuous lust for the protagonist’s wife. Having become like a ghost and saved his life only thanks to a thirst for revenge, Benjamin Barker turned into Sweeney Todd, a barber who will cut his own throat with his blades to Judge Turpin (Alan Rickman), responsible for his imprisonment and expulsion from the city. With elements that are taken from tales of terror called terrible pennies both of Edmond d’Anthes de Count of Monte Cristo Sweeney Todd is an evil hairdresser from Fleet Street. it is a story of defeat and despair, violence and mourning, guiltily underestimated by a large part of the critics.

Dilogy about Batman

Tim Burton is also known for directing two of the best Batman films: Batman AND Batman is back. Films that went down in history also thanks to the magnificent play of the entire cast. Not only Michael Keaton, who gave his face and physical power to Batman, but, above all, villains In execution Danny DeVito and the joker granted immortality Jack Nicholson.

Not Just Tim Burton: The Nightmare Before Christmas

Although the film is almost universally acclaimed From Tim Burton, The nightmare before christmas a feature film shot by the director in the frame-by-frame animation mode. Henry Selick. The reason everyone considers it a Tim Burton film is not only because the film was actually created by the director Chocolate Factory, but also on the topics that are being considered. Once again, an outsider is at the center of the story: Jack, King of Halloweentown (voiced in Italian Renato Zero), he can no longer enjoy his job, and the Halloween celebration has worn him out, making him an outsider in his own city. One day, wandering through the woods, Jack stumbles upon Christmas Town and decides to move this holiday to the gloomy streets of Halloweentown. Became a classic The nightmare before christmas it is a feature film about self-acceptance, identity and transformation, and about people outside the pre-established patterns of society. Those who want to see the animated film directed by Tim Burton should not miss both. Corpse Bride is Frankenweenie.

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