Tim Burton vs. Michael Keaton’s Batman Presence

In the feature film directed by Andy Muschietti, the legendary superhero sprinter changes reality.

Flash this is a recent feature film directed by Andy Muschietti (Mother, It), which once again brought one of the most popular superheroes in the DC world, the sprinter, to the big screen. Barry Allen (who has a face Ezra Miller). In this creation, the main character himself participates in an attempt to save his mother, which, however, completely spoils the plane of reality, creating alternative dimensions where the Earth is threatened General Zod (embodied Michael Shannon). Having said all this, it is precisely because parallel worlds are involved that the film contains a few surprises in the form of cameo appearances.

Flash arrived in Italian cinemas on June 15, 2023.

Flash - Operator

In particular, within Flashthree different versionsBatman respectively those that are embodied Michael Keaton inside Batman (1989)e Batman Returns (1992) author Tim Burton, George Clooney V Batman and Robin (1997), Ben Affleck which is instead the current canonical of ANNOUNCEMENT. Additionally, the feature film also features the vaunted Superman From Nicolas Cage, which never saw the light of day, but which was supposed to be the main character of Burton’s film, namely Superman: Live. Here, in a recent interview with the British Film Institute, the director himself commented on the presence of these two characters in the film.

“But it’s also about another question about artificial intelligence, and that’s why I think I’ve overcome the problem with the research. They can take what you’ve done, Batman or whoever, and culturally appropriate it, or whatever you want to call it. Even if you are a slave to Disney or Warner Brothers, they can do whatever they want. Therefore, in the last years of my life I have been in silent rebellion against all this.”

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