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Amazing space and time! It’s as exciting as it is difficult to try to rationalize something infinite. And the weather, well… it’s just as charming. And when it seems like it will never go away, and when, in the blink of an eye, it slipped away. An example is Interstellarwhich seems to have come out yesterday. Partly because less than nine years have passed, partly because in terms of quality it is absolutely not inferior to films released almost a decade later.

The film needs no special introduction. In fact, no one needs them at all. You don’t even need a red carpet to welcome a movie that seems to be able to fly above the rest. While this isn’t always a guarantee of effective quality, the five Oscar nominations for the 2015 edition of Far Away, one of which also won the coveted Best Special Effects statuette, testify to that. Director Christopher Nolan he was able to give us a story that appealed particularly to both the public and the critics thanks to a script he edited with his brother Jonathan.

Interstellar, plot

Matthew McConaughey and Anne Hathaway in Interstellar
Matthew McConaughey and Anne Hathaway Interstellar

We are in 2067. Joseph Cooper former NASA pilot. Now he devoted himself to agriculture. Though not by choice. In fact, there is a serious famine caused by some parasites that cause serious damage to crops, and this risks irreversibly affecting society. How can all this be avoided? Maybe he can’t. However, there does seem to be a way. We will have to emigrate elsewhere. Not in another state. Even another continent will not be enough. You have to go to another planet, possibly from another galaxy. Here’s what you need to do: find a planet that can host life so you can escape.

So NASA will convince Cooper, played by inspirational Matthew McConaugheyon an exploratory mission to the galaxy. He will be accompanied by Amelia, the brilliant scientist played by Anne Hathaway, along with Romilly and Doyle. We know that if at first things go unnoticed, then they change. The astronauts will have to face threatening unexpected events and the forces of the universe, including the unpredictable flow of time, which flows much faster on Earth than anywhere else where the protagonist is located. Something that will corrode him from the inside, as he will never find things the way he left them.

Interstellar is a Nolan film.

Joseph Cooper with daughter Murph
Joseph Cooper with daughter Murph

Interstellar is a movie nolanian, since it has the exact characteristics that a film by the director in question should be considered to be. If you think about it, it’s a bit paradoxical. But that’s just the way it is. All ingredients are there. There is a somewhat unstable protagonist obsessed with finding the key to save the plantations. Family and emotional relationships are tested by circumstances. Finally, there is the inevitable disorientation of the viewer, in this case due to space and time, due to which we lose all possible references in the story.

Apart from almost inevitable emotion Cooper, who opens the most touching moments in which the contact between the protagonist in space and the family on Earth takes place, the film does not differ in special content and psychological depth. This, however, was not even required by the plot. After all, Nolan isn’t a master at writing original dialogue.

However, the film was and still is a masterpiece. Why yes, the way the director manages to line up some narrative mechanisms it is more unique than rare. In conclusion, this is perhaps one of the most Nolanian films in terms of perception, as it manages to build the complexity of the plot on a physical level, and not just in a dreamlike dimension, as he did with Origin. On the other hand, the film is more “touching” than the others that Nolan accustomed us to. Perhaps the only aspect that makes him “not his”, along with the alleged absence of a real villain.

Who or what is the villain in the movie?

Matt Damon - Dr. Mann
Matt Damon – Dr. Mann

So far, we’ve been discussing how the film really lives up to the director’s narrative canons. In our opinion, with a few minor exceptions, this is absolutely correct. However, according to many, the film has a flaw, namely a real villain. Do you think so too? According to the same version, Nolan would introduce the character of Matt Damon, Dr. Mann, have an antagonist. But will it really be so?

From our point of view, its introduction will not necessarily be connected with the desire to insert into history a simple means of conflict. Dr. Mann was just a survivor of a previous space mission. Nothing else. That then, within a short time, this also becomes a problem, this is indisputable. But that didn’t necessarily help. Not when you have a much bigger enemy in the story. An enemy that makes relativity its real threat. Weather. The real, invincible, or maybe not, antagonist of this film.

Hans Zimmer Thank you!

Matthew McConaughey as Joseph Cooper in Interstellar
Matthew McConaughey – Joseph Cooper Interstellar

What would a movie be like without a soundtrack? Probably, many will say that it is a bit like a painting without a beautiful frame. Or like a flower without petals. But is it really always like this? Not necessary. Rather, very often yes, but this, of course, is not the rule. In the case of the Nolan film, this no doubt so.

2015 Oscar nominated film soundtrack Hans Zimmer This is a show. The entertainment that accompanies almost the entire narrative makes the monumental images that the director gave life even more majestic. And for that we will always be grateful to him. This year, Alexandre Desplat took the win in The Grand Budapest Hotel, despite the fact that for many – even if it can be considered useless – the victory should have gone to the German composer, who has always dominated his field, even winning a platinum disc. for soundtrack de Gladiator.

However, we don’t even see a good reason not to go and view Interstellar on the big screen, in our safe place, in the cinema. This movie deserves it. We deserve it. So who’s stopping us? Not hot. Not another movie. Not even time and space.

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