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timeline of an increasingly bitter divorce

We must go back to 2005 to place ourselves at the beginning of the relationship of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. Filming the movie Mr and Mrs smith, made the spark arise between them and from that moment they became inseparable. Both were one of the most popular couples in Hollywood and in each of the acts they attended it was clear that they had found the perfect person in each other. That understanding soon translated into the most important show of love: starting a family. The actors became parents of six children, with whom they posed on the pages of ¡HOLA! on certain dates such as a trip to Cambodia (country of his first-born, Maddox) or the presentation of his twins, Knox León and Vivienne Marchelin. However, their love story took a radical turn in 2016. Two years after getting married at the Chateau Miraval (their home in French Provence) as our magazine exclusively showed, they separated. Since then they have had a legal battle that the passage of time has intensified and that we review below.


Goodbye to the perfect couple: the announcement of divorce and the beginning of their separate ways

After several weeks of incessant rumors about their relationship and why they had not been seen together for months, In September 2016 Angelina Jolie stepped forward and closed the comments by announcing that she and Brad, who were popularly called Brangelina, they were no longer a couple. The actress, winner of two Oscars and three Golden Globes, sent through her representative a statement in which it could be read: “This decision was made with the well-being of the family in mind. She will not comment on it and asks for respect. and privacy for your family. ” Hours later he also spoke out on the matter following the same line. “I am very sad about this, but what matters most now is the well-being of our children. I kindly request the press to give them the space they deserve during these moments, “he said. And it is precisely the large family they have in common that keeps them facing each other today.

At the beginning of the new stage, the actors followed the recommendations of the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services and reached a temporary agreement on their six children, then minors. The protagonist of titles like Maleficent or tomb Raider, who was then sheltering in her mansion in Malibu with her brother and the children, she would have custody and her ex-husband could visit them, initially under the supervision of a therapist who would be in charge of deciding whether these visits could later become private.. In those first days apart, Brad closed one of the hardest episodes of his life when he learned that he would not be prosecuted for an incident that occurred some time ago on a private plane, where he was accused of having physically and verbally assaulted his eldest son, Maddox. , in the middle of an argument with Angelina.


Before saying goodbye to 2016, the already ex-partner put up for sale all the joint properties such as the French castle in which they married or their house in New Orleans and during that year they continued with the visitation regime that they agreed on, but the first discrepancy arrived because Brad accused Angelina of putting her children’s privacy at risk and asked the judge to keep the documents regarding the custody of the children secret. After this they issued a joint statement informing that the details of their divorce would be confidential from that moment. “Both parents are committed to acting as a united front to achieve family recovery and reunification,” they indicated.

Allegations of non-payment and changes in custody

After a period of calm in which both spoke about what the divorce had meant and even speculated about the possibility of a second chance, in June 2018 new rules came to their custody agreement and with them new problems. The juvenile judge considered “crucial that each of the six children have a healthy and strong relationship with their parents” and in that sense drew up a detailed summer visitation schedule. It also indicated that the actor could call and text each child at any time, without supervision or interference from the mother. Only two months after these measures, the tension increased. The origin? Angelina accused her ex of not paying child support. In response, Brad claimed to have paid more than $ 1.3 million in bills of Jolie and her children since their separation and added that he had loaned the interpreter eight million dollars to the actress to buy her residence.


When only a few days had passed since this crossing of accusations, Brad received good news. The court indicated that until custody is definitively resolved, he could see his children every other day, spend four hours every other day on school days, while he can do it twelve hours with one day in between. the days they don’t have class. The other positive moment came at the end of that 2018, when the ex-partner reached an agreement without going to trial (they wanted to avoid it at all costs), but those agreed points were only temporary and not permanent, so their negotiations would have to move on.

Cordiality, a request not accepted and a move in the air

In 2020 Angelina and Brad, who then won an Oscar for Once upon a time in hollywood, they rowed again in the same direction as for their children. They decided that they would give them a traditional education in class with other children and not at home with private teachers since that is what the therapists recommend. Also, they would let the little ones choose which languages ​​to learn. From there began a period of tranquility in which, after going to therapy, they began to have a cordial relationship and he was even seen going to his ex’s house to enjoy family company. But In the summer of that year, everything got complicated again with Angelina’s petition to the Superior Court of Justice to remove John W. Ouderkirk, the judge who is handling her divorce, for having a connection with Brad. (The magistrate worked with one of the actor’s lawyers). They did not grant it, but until this resolution was known the tensions between the actors were in crescendo since, she wanted to go live in London and when Brad returned from vacation, the protagonist of Maleficent prevented him from being reunited with his children until he did quarantine.


Angelina’s legal (and final?) Offensive and Maddox’s support

Almost five years after their breakup, the final agreement for the custody of Pax, Zahara, Shiloh, Knox and Vivienne has not been reached (Maddox is already of legal age). Angelina is immovable: she does not want to divide her children 50% of the time and wants to leave the United States, but Brad is against it. As your oral hearing in court approaches, the actress has moved to file presenting some documents that would complicate the defense of her ex since it is “new evidence and documentation that demonstrate domestic violence” within the home they shared. This strategy has left Pitt “heartbroken that his ex took that road.” Added to this is that the couple’s eldest son would have already testified at the trial taking the side of Angelina, whose last name is the one the young man uses and even wants to change it legally.

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