Tina Kunakey presents his muscular body in a bikini


Tina Kunakey had a heat stroke its subscribers, Instagram, and her boyfriend, Vincent Cassel this Sunday, 16. February 2020, posing in a bikini on a beach in a dream.

Tina Kunakey and Vincent Cassel have flew from the winter cold in Paris at the other end of the world. After your suitcase put into Rio de Janeiro for more than a month, the actor, the 53-year-old and his beautiful 22-year-old roucoulent under the sun, your time between sunsets on the beach, vitamin cocktails for lovers and afternoons with your loved ones. Sublime, Tina Kunakey benefit to regularly check your curves on his account Instagram. This Sunday, the 16. February 2020, the mom of the little Amazon (born in april 2019) has real subscribers fun of his million and presented a photo of her in a bathing suit.

On the cliché, Tina is posing in a bikini in black, leaning against a coconut tree. She places the lens of the photographer with intensity, her wet hair the water fall over her back. In the background, a white sand beach and azure-blue sky. Many stars in the photo of the young woman : the actress Adele have commented Exarchopoulos ironically quotes the words of the song, “CoCo”, that’s the beauty of Tina, while Laura Smet and Doutzen have Kroes, brings the cliché of the émojis flame. From his side, Vincent Cassel no secret of his admiration for his favorite : “Brasileira de Toulouse,” wrote the actor, referring to the roots of Tina, who grew up in the South-West of France.

A beautiful complicity for Valentine’s day

A couple of days before posting their photo in a bikini, Tina Kunakey a delicate photo shared with Vincent Cassel for the Saint-Valentin. The two lovebirds seemed to share a sweet moment under a pergola, on the all the two a large smile. The star of “Outside the norms” officially, his relationship to Tina Kunakey 2016 in the fashion show “Victoria’s Secret. Previously, the couple had posted together on social networks a couple of photos from the summer holiday. The ex-husband of Monica Bellucci, he had two daughters, Deva (born september 2004) and Leonie (born in may 2010), married Tina in august 2018, in the Basque country. They sealed their love with the birth of your little Amazon-2019. A beautiful love story, the wonderful under the blue sky in Brazil.

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