Tini Stoessel and Lali Esposito Is the most anticipated collaboration coming?

Tini Stoessel is ready to collaborate with Lali Esposito. The singer participated in the program German Paoloski, “It is not that late”, and surprised with an announcement.

“Lali recently said that to her would like you to do something together”Pointed out the driver. Violetta’s ex-star replied, “We have. It’s going to happen, really. I am sure it will happen ”.

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Tini Stoessel chose Lali Esposito to go out to have fun

At another point in the interview, the host asked the singer with whom she would go out to have fun on a weekend: Lali Espósito, Nicki Nicole, Natalie Pérez or Nathy Peluso?

“With Nicki we had fun nights then it is as if it does not count. I think I would go with Lali, I see her as a very funny mine to get out of trouble, shit you with laughter, it must be incredible, “said Tini.

She lit up the nets with a total black bodice and skirt look.  (Photo: @tinistoessel).
She lit up the nets with a total black bodice and skirt look. (Photo: @tinistoessel).

Tini, one of the most listened to local artists

The young artist also celebrated being part of the Top 5 artists Argentines most listened to in Argentina during 2021 on the Spotify platform, where also his song “Miénteme”, along with María Becerra, was the song with the most streams in Argentina.

This hit by Tini has the awards of Double Platinum in Argentina and Spain, Gold in Peru and Colombia, and with more than 265 million views in its clip.

The artist danced the choreography to her latest release. Photo: Instagram @tinistoesell

In October, after being away from the stage for more than a year due to the pandemic, she was reunited with her fans at a show in La Cascada Park, in the city of Posadas, Misiones.

Tini shone performing his greatest hits for an audience that exceeded 75 thousand attendees who came from different cities in the province. He is also preparing to perform at the Hippodrome of Palermo.

Tini with L-Ghent: an explosive encounter

“Bar” was the long-awaited collaboration between these two figures. A dance song that currently occupies the first position of the Top 50 in Argentina.

Directed by Diego Peskins -who was also in charge of the video for “Lie to me”, this recent clip surpassed 46 million views, envelops us in a party environment, luxury cars and nightlife.

Tini premiered “Bar” with L Gante.

The musical career of the singer, songwriter and actress has recently been internationalized with more momentum. In April, he released “Miénteme” with María Becerra, whose video has more than 244 million views.

His second single “Maldita Foto” with Manuel Turizo reached the Gold Award and has more than 23 million views on YouTube.

His album Tini, Tini, Tini, launched in 2020, reached the fourth position on the global list of new albums on Spotify, and was certified Double Diamond in Argentina. It has accumulated more than 2.3 billion views to date.

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