Tips and tricks for removing your pencil case in a month

WhatI can’t button the pants you like so much Or, zip up the dress you want to unzip? If you notice a slight widening of the hip to thigh area that prevents you from wearing certain clothing, You have all the symptoms of cartridge tape.

Why do shell casings come out?

For women, who are the most prone to this type of fat accumulation, the elastic band acts as the body’s instinct to make these fat deposits for energy The body may need it during pregnancy. In fact, when a woman’s fertile period ends, this fat tissue tends to move to the abdomen or arms.

Therefore, not only those who are inactive or sedentary are victims of these diseases, but those who exercise regularly may also be victims at some point.

But with these tricks, you can eliminate them:

1. Clean eating. The first step in eliminating cartridge bands is to follow a 10-day cleanse diet in order to cleanse the gut and eliminate excess fat and toxins. You can do this by taking cleansing foods such as pineapple, lemon or prunes in the morning on an empty stomach.

2. Exercise. Exercise at least 20 minutes a day. Eliminating cartridge banding is critical. If you don’t have time, go up and down the stairs, and if this is your first time doing this, do it slowly. You can choose to walk or cycle for exercise.

3. Cold water massage. A circular massage with cold water from the ankles to the buttocks is also great for getting rid of the cartridge pockets. You can use a whole lemon and roll it on the leg. This stimulates blood circulation, making it easier to remove accumulated fat.

4. Forbidden foods. If you want to eliminate shell casings, you must eliminate soft drinks, sausage, refined flour, and whole dairy products from your diet. Avoid excess salt.

5. Emotional health. Finally, check your emotional state. Anxiety and feelings of vulnerability can lead to a tendency to accumulate fat.

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