Tips for keeping your socks perfect this fall

make one Wear tights to compete It’s not something that gets anyone excited, but even more so when we’re invested in them and think they’ll be in our wardrobe for the long haul.They are less durable accessories because every time we use them to be pulled and moved In many cases, it ends up passing through the threads of the stockings.

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Faced with this outcome, we have no choice but to end the relationship with them, despite some tips and advice This is very useful to avoid reaching this point. How can you make socks last for several seasons?

use them with care

To avoid the frustration of ruined socks, the first thing to do is Make sure your nails are neat when uploading them. If these are not filed correctly, they may end up getting caught in the fibers when lifting them.

At this time, no need – But it doesn’t hurt – just remember how important it is raise them carefully. Stockings are very fragile accessories and in a hurry we handle them roughly or don’t pay attention to whether there are sharp objects around them.Unless we want to recreate those very expensive styles Gucci launches torn stockings on the market A few years ago, we had better be careful with them.

Choice is key

choose size Properly fitting stockings are crucial because if stockings are too tight, they may eventually overstretch and tear. On the other hand, if they are too loose, they will also slip and eventually cause friction.Since none of the results may be what you want, it’s best to Look at the measurement table Package And ask the store if it’s suitable.

Just like there are many skin tones, leggings come in many colors, and different styles have different thicknesses.There are many Thick They are harder to break, but will also have fewer legs. If you want less volume in your silhouette or a uniform color, you can choose thicker pantyhose.Opacity is measured in Denier: The fine and medium fiber has a lower denier, up to 20, and the thick fiber has a denier of more than 60.

There are other details you can consider when choosing the best supplement for you.Leggings are available in glossy or matte finishes, just as there are also leggings that are not glossy toe cap. But yes, they are more likely to wear out from friction.

home care

If you use a washing machine, try Always put them in a laundry bag So as not to get tangled up with other clothes, Use a mild detergent and always use cold water. If you don’t follow these steps, you may find that they are ruined when you dry them. Hot water can damage the elastic fibers of your socks, causing them to stretch and become unusable.

As for drying, it’s important not to twist or wring your socks after washing them. Anyway, better yet, Press lightly to remove excess water, then let them air dry..

When they are already broken…

If you’re late to these tips and can’t keep your favorite pantyhose from tearing, don’t worry because you still have a few tricks up your sleeve.he Special glue for fabrics In these cases, this may be the best solution for you. This product is ideal for repairing torn synthetic stockings.

Another option is to apply nail polish About them. It often comes in handy to prevent them from cracking after you notice them gradually wearing out. Simply use a clear polish and apply it to the damaged contour for a few minutes.

The last option added to the list is sewing: With a needle, a thimble, and most importantly, some patience, you can say goodbye to tears from shoe friction and be as comfortable using them again as you were on the first day.

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