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Streaming services around the world are facing difficulties as Hollywood writers strike, prices rise and competition intensifies.In Spain, although Netflix is ​​the best known, it is no longer the one attracting the most subscriptions and has been Amazon Prime Video.The service is available on a stand-alone contract or as an Amazon Prime package, increasingly available, and Vacations offer some interesting possibilities.

When you go on vacation, the routine changes and you no longer have the same controlled time slots to watch selected episodes, but you have more free time. With the different heat waves in our country this summer, it’s normal to not want to go outside at different times of the day, and those times are just the right times to watch the episodes of the series that keep you hooked so much.

Prime Video has some features designed for group use, others to squeeze content and others for easy viewing without a data connection. These are tricks to use if we’re on vacation, just download them from the Google Play Store to the phone or tablet we take with us on the road.

sync movie

Amazon Prime Video has an option that allows users to Watch movies or series in sync with other friends, also installed the application. This is possible even hundreds of kilometers away, perfect if you spend your holidays separately with your lover and continue to watch series together.

To use this feature (called group video), you must Create a group that the people you want to view content with will be invited to join. A chat room will be created to be able to converse while watching a series or movie. In addition, language and subtitles can be changed individually.

Group Videos on Amazon Prime Video

Like is logic, Both pausing and playing of content are common, and will be managed by whoever created the group. Series and movies on the platform, as well as those purchased or rented, can be viewed in groups, although in this case, a fee must be paid on each device used.

download content

Sometimes holidays take place in areas with little coverage, such as some rural parts of Spain. Or you might be in a coastal area with good coverage but a saturated network. In any case, it is a good idea to download the movies and series we want to watchPrime Video allows this in all of its profiles, while Netflix only allows it in the most expensive profile.

Click the icon next to the My List and Group View buttons to activate this option.when downloading content You have to choose the audio to download and the quality of the video, to save space if we run out of storage space or need a higher resolution. Downloading is best done over a Wi-Fi network, as it doesn’t consume a lot of data and is faster. The configuration you choose for downloading content also comes into play here, and if you’re using Wi-Fi, it’s likely to be a higher resolution than if you choose to use mobile data.

Set data usage

This is exactly the last trick on this list, which allows Configure the amount of data to consume If we haven’t downloaded movies and series in advance, or have run out. This is more or less important depending on the contract rate with the mobile operator.

If the data rate is not unlimited, it is better to modify the streaming quality to save some GB. To do this, you have to go to the gear icon in the upper right corner, then to the “My Space” section, and play and download there.

children profile

If you have young children on vacation, there may sometimes be a need for content for them to entertain themselves, rest or fall asleep.For this it is very useful Prime Video child profile, separate from parent profile with filtered content This way choosing something for the little ones is no problem.

Kids Profiles on Prime Video

To activate it, all you have to do is Click on the icon for the main profile and select the “Change Profile” option. This will open the main selection window where you can select a sub-profile. Of course, there’s no filtering by age, so it’s up to the adults to choose one kind of content or the other, since a 4 year old doesn’t see the same content as a 10 year old.

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