Tips to maintain the productivity of the employees during the work from home GreatDay HR


Many large and small companies throughout the world that have started the schemes of work from home (Work from home/WfH) also for your employees. It is important to slow down, to do the spread of Covid-19 by the community social distancing. This can be a thing that are not yet familiar, and from the habit of the old company A new question came up. How can get the company to achieve the maximum results?

GreatDay HR as a provider of mobile HR application also share some tricks for the Wfh a run, the employee can remain productive.

Communication system

Communication is the key to do remote work. The communication between superiors and subordinates should be able to do, simply and clearly. If one of the parties can not reach, it is a challenge. Therefore, the company requires the media to provide clear communication between employees can still be carried out on a regular basis.

For example, such as a chat function, the internal in aplikasi greatday HR. The chat function is very useful to enrich the communication antarkaryawan without face-to-face. In addition to facilitating the lines of communication to the employees, the exchange of documents with different formats.

Interesting line of the display time and timeline GreatDay HR-made in chronological order. All users can easily see who is already in the process of participation, update or the latest news can be uploaded, by each employee.

The attendances from home

One of the concerns-start system to work from home, is the difficulty of ensuring that employees actually work and manage the attendance system. Because not a few companies still rely on manual systems Fingerprint to record attendance.

“With the technology GreatDay HR, all users of the app can record data on their presence easily through the application. GreatDay HR-equipped with the technology of the scanner face and the marker-Position”, – said the Chairman of the Board GreatDay HR, Gordon Enns.

Two things this can be used to ensure the authenticity of the data of the employee. Interestingly, you can use this feature directly integrates with the system of remuneration or payroll.

Not at the time of recording the participation of each employee can also correct the data directly to the presence of them directly from the app GreatDay HR work, including the submission of leave and overtime.

The need for planning and setting goals

From home is certainly work the feeling of being more relaxed and dynamic, to monitor so that it is generally difficult, what is being done, the employees. Make sure that the activities that need to be done, the employee in a certain period of time, this is one way to measure the productivity of the employees.

Each employee can each target and divide it by the media, who are willing to the company. Social Media intern GreatDay HR to give room for the supervisor, tasks to employees. Employees can receive tasks, will automatically receive a notification on your phone every.

Management can easily track the performance of employees with the function to record the activity. Functions record of the activity can be carried out by employees, delegated the task, and can then be a feedback given by the organizers of the task.

Work atmosphere

Create a pleasant working atmosphere in the midst of the many negative issues about the spread of the Corona virus is a challenge. Share with each other, how the conditions of each work, feel employees stay focused, to finish the job.

You know comrades, the activities of the team are far apart one of the alternatives in the communication.

In this case, GreatDay HR not see the urgency, you can rely on technology to maximize the control of the WfH. Social Media GreatDay HR-are integrated is the right choice for the enterprise in order to be able to keep alive the spirit of the work.

“All employees can easily download the latest news, achievements, and update others get “like“one of the other employees GreatDay HR,”