Tips Without Air Conditioning | How To Cool A Room Without Air Conditioning Or Fans: Best Tips

It’s very hot outside, and the heat is blowing into your home. If your home does not have air conditioning, have some tricks Keep you cool in hot weather.

temperature between 35 degrees and 40 degrees Even in many parts of the country, we are looking for ways to escape the sweltering heat.Houses that stay cool are possible if we apply a little common sense and some basic tips wisdom of the masses Follow these 10 steps.

1. Draw down the shutter and close the door.

only you have to pay attention to the time of day where is your house receive light (and heat) straight from the sun For houses facing east, the sun will come in the morning. Conversely, in west-facing houses, it will appear around 3 p.m.its root lies in Lower the awning in both cases -If any-, lower the blinds and/or draw the drapes and close the windows. reopen them As the sun sets and enters the night.that’s it When we can play with the water.

2. Avoid heat sources

too much light or Oven, TV or other machines that emit heat can cause the temperature to rise.

3. Use a fan

to refresh A room can be very useful. Also, for those who don’t like the wind blowing directly on their face, the fan can be placed some distance away Metal bowl filled with ice and kosher salt Put it on the front for fresh air circulation.

4. Water

drink Regular watering is recommendedbut in summer, the temperature elevation is necessary. Taking a warm shower or soaking your feet can help keep you cool.

5. Water the plants

If you have flowers or plants on your patio or window, Pour water over compost to rejuvenate it The hot atmosphere from the outside will cool the house due to the lower temperature of the facade. Another trick is to leave a basin of water and fill it up after the water has evaporated.

6. If cooking, open the exhaust hood

In addition to removing odors, you expel built-up heat Use a gas or electric pan when cooking, so it’s a great way to remove heat from the house.

7. Take advantage of airflow

Let cool air circulate as much as possible.For this purpose, the windows overlooking the inner courtyard are usually those they can get better fresh air.A trick of the wisdom of the people Just wet the curtains with water And take advantage of the fresh air that comes out as you walk through them.

8. Sleep in cotton or silk sheets

They tend to accumulate less heat. It would be better if it can be light color. A helpful trick in case you can’t sleep Since you’re hot in bed, cool them down in the coolest room of your home or in the basement during the day, and put them on your bed while you sleep.

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