Tiptoe and silent. Ilona Gvozdeva showed the dance of a happy mother who put the child to bed

Ilona Gvozdeva showed the dance of a joyful young mother (Photo: Instagram.com/ilonagvozdeva)

Choreographer and participant of the show Dancing with the Stars Ilona Gvozdeva became a mother for the second time in October 2020. In her Instagram, she showed how she lost weight after giving birth, and how young mothers enjoy their baby’s sleep.

In her profile, the choreographer posted a video in which she showed how happy she was that the child fell asleep in the crib. First, she carefully checked whether the baby was sleeping, then tiptoed out of the room, closed the door and performed a very joyful but quiet dance.

“ Today is just a wonderful Sunday! It’s frost and sun outside. The son woke up at 5:40, walked until 7:00, then slept for 20 minutes, then ate, then fell asleep again. I think every mother is familiar with this situation, when you put the baby, carrying it in your arms for almost an hour, put it in the crib, like a crystal vase, God forbid, so as not to wake up, and then all the sounds around, as if out of spite, become loud (the laminate creaks louder usual, the cat is running around the apartment, everyone is talking too loudly) or is it all our imagination and nights without sleep? ” – shared a young mother in the publication.

 Subscribers Gvozdeva responded to her post:

  • And the joints crack like treacherously loud
  • Also, the knees crackle, as if they are beating a tambourine)
  • And in the end 10 minutes of sleep and everything in a circle
  • Oh yes, why is the husband breathing so loudly ?! It can cease to exist for a while ?!
  • … and even the neighbors are loudly silent …
  • What does mom need to be happy

Earlier on her Instagram, she published a video where she rocked her son to the song Monatika Vitamin D. “A dancing mother simply cannot put her son in any other way,” Gvozdeva wrote in the caption to the post.

We will remind, recently Ilona Gvozdeva showed her first dance after giving birth. In her profile, she posted a video where she danced to the song Drunken Curl in a tight red dress with a high slit. And a few days after that, she published a post in which she said that she had contracted the coronavirus.