Tired of Spotify? Learn about the different apps available to listen to music for free

Tired of Spotify?  Learn about the different apps to listen to music for free.  (Photo: Capture)
Tired of Spotify? Learn about the different apps to listen to music for free. (Photo: Capture)

They say that the music It is a great company in different moments of life and it is true. When we are happy we listen to rhythms that increase that feeling, when we are sad or melancholic the same. Today Spotify has become one of the platforms most used in the world, since it has the free option and subscription; however, it is not the only one that has a large legion of users. There are other options and here We will show you the other free platforms that you can use.

1. YouTube Music

You have probably seen this option when trying to put a song through the most famous video platform. And the option to listen to the song in the Spotify style will also be through this app. You can lock the screen of your cell phone and continue listening to the music or playlist you want. It will also show you the most listened to among other lists. The free option is available and comes with advertisements. It also has a payment option.

2. eSound

This app is available for Android and iPhone and is a pretty good option for listening to music and is free. Currently the number of downloads has been on the rise. The familiarity will be immediate because inside it is very similar to Spotify. You will find various lists such as the most recommended, rankigs by countries and musical tops. You also have the option of creating your own library. The service is free but has some advertising spaces.

3. Audiomack

This platform is quite interactive and contains music genres such as hip-hop, rap, R&B, EDM, Afropop, and reggae. To access it you will have to register. When you do, you will be able to listen to various artists or trending songs. You can follow or follow the tracks, leave a comment and save them in your personal library within the app. You must take into account that so far it has 4 million tracks, but you will still find new artists. It is available for iOS and Android.

Apps where you can listen to music for free.  (Photo: Capture)
Apps where you can listen to music for free. (Photo: Capture)

4. Soundcloud Music

This platform brings everyone together. From listeners, podcasters, djs, musicians, bands, among others. Here you can also meet emerging artists, you can record and publish your own audio. You can also comment and follow your favorite artist. All for free, now if you want the professional level like creating music, additional storage for your creations and statistics of the uploaded songs, it does have a cost.

5. XM Music

This app is one of those that is revolutionizing the market, since its main attraction is being able to listen to music without having internet. Within the platform you will find the most popular songs, the new releases, the lyrics of the songs and it weighs 91mb. It is also free and you do not need to do a deep registration. It has the ‘pro’ option that does have a payment. So if you are traveling to a place where there is no internet signal, you already know which app to use.

Apps to listen to music.  (Photo: XM Music)
Apps to listen to music. (Photo: XM Music)

6. Music Player

This app is in position 13 of the most downloaded for music. Like the other platforms, you can create a playlist with your favorite music and it will also show you the trending songs. It offers you browsing search among thousands of songs. It is free and for that same reason it has advertising, but if you want the premium option (without advertising) you can make a payment, which appears on the same platform. This option is unique to iOS.


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