Tired or stressed at work?May be burnout

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Friday, August 18, 2023 | 06:37

CDMX.- What is Burnout or Work Stress?

This condition can cause exhaustion and have physical and psychological effects.

If you have gastritis, colitis, lack of motivation, muscle contractures, lack of sleep, or just don’t feel like you’re feeling burned out, psychologist Karen Valdez explains.

“Burnout is systemic exhaustion that results from excessive stress, long hours at work, or excessive expectations placed on day-to-day activities by a leader or leader, and is also associated with stressful work environments, workplace related to the dynamics of violence. In labor institutions or in all institutions”, the expert explained.

“We started with the fact that the work culture in Mexico is based on the patriarchal and capitalist system, and the person was expected to work under this Mexican phrase: ‘Put your shirt on’, which refers to everything, even what happens to you Everything about yourself or yourself. It’s hard for leaders to try to counteract the effects of burnout because it’s a high-pressure ladder.”

Psychologists and teachers at organizations that defend and promote human rights have found that women are more likely to experience work stress.

“A man who works 12 hours is not the same, but he comes home to dinner, doesn’t have to do laundry, doesn’t have to take care of his daughter or son, and has a longer and better break than a woman who works 12 hours. Leaves at 6pm and doesn’t eat Going to nursery, doing laundry, getting uniforms ready, cooking, going to bed in the middle of the night, not getting regular breaks. Burnout has a gender bias,” deepened.

Managing work properly, respecting working hours, making it understood that people are workers but also have families, partners and social lives, overtime pay, respect for space for food, space for entertainment and space for psychological companionship are some of the tools the experts suggest.

“It becomes difficult to construct a more convincing way of working emotionally. Ideally, in the workplace, there should be workplace therapy based on being able to work emotionally with people, but those spaces don’t exist,” he said. explained..

“The ideal is always to have good mental health, a space where I have room to vent, a space where I know exactly what I’m going to do in the workspace, there are a lot of companies they don’t have” job descriptions, you might have to do everything. The dynamics within the labor system are so fluid that those who demand constitutional labor rights often end up being fired. “

Negative Effects

The consequences of burnout are easy to notice on a physical level, but on a psychological level they are the most intractable and least visible.

Physical consequences:



Severe shoulder or neck pain or muscle contractures

lack of sleep

joint pain

Chronic or viral illness (persistent headache or having flu or diarrhea)

Psychological consequences:

feel inadequate

often cry

feel very sad

lack of motivation

Feeling like everything you do is not what you expected

Create structural processes that can affect relationships, such as: vulnerability to exploitation, lack of communication, not wanting to experience things outside of work schedules…

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