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Titan Quest: Legendary Edition Receives a Quality of Life Update

Titan Quest: Legendary Edition has a major update that should make the gaming experience more comfortable and fun. Changes and innovations were also presented by the developers on a special stream. You can also get acquainted with them in the text version below.

  • Added UI scaling and transparency options (you can now set different sizes for specific UI elements).
  • An additional skill button has been added and you can now assign skills to two potion slots.
  • You can now set different thresholds for health and mana potions.
  • Added glass potions for faster purchase
  • Added FPS setting in the parameters to be able to limit the maximum number of frames (also added the “show fps” setting)
  • Changed cloud save to use CloudKit to make it compatible with the upcoming Apple TV.
  • Added an alternative control scheme for game bars (which allows you to navigate and use skills at the same time – you can change it to your liking with a text file)
  • Added an option to select the priority of attack or movement.
  • Added the ability to disable enemy highlighting.
  • The menu has been redesigned to support all of these additional options.
  • Changed the handling of DLC items: you can now pick up all items, but you will not be able to use them until you install the required DLC.
  • Over 100 tweaks and fixes for controls, quests or general issues.

Titan Quest: Legendary Edition includes all add-ons and is available on both iOS and Android. There is also a cheaper base version of the Titan Quest. You can also download it from Google Play (also available to Google Play Pass subscribers) and the App Store.

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