Titanic returns to Netflix: Controversy intensifies

It looks like the James Cameron-directed film is about to make a comeback on the streaming platform at possibly the worst possible time.

Titanic One of the cornerstones of modern cinema is: designed, directed, written and produced James Cameron ,avatars, Terminators), describes the great maritime tragedy that occurred in 1912, when the world’s largest and most advanced ocean liner was driven into the abyss after colliding with an iceberg, right in‘Atlantic Ocean, 782 km from newfoundland, a very intense film that looks at the heroes Jack Dawson and Rose DeWitt Buchter, interpreted respectively by Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet Two travelers who fall madly in love, even though their story has a sad ending. well the title they won at the time 11 Oscar A horrifying news story that happened a few days ago is sadly back in fashion.

Titanic 11 Oscar winning beauty

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It’s hard not to have heard of it once Titan, the submarine in which 5 people were on board, which descended into the depths of the ocean to get closer to the Titanic. Unfortunately, after several days of searching, the vehicle explodes, and the passengers die instantly. Well, according to an indiscretion (reported exclusively by The Hollywood Reporter), it looks like Cameron’s film is about to return to Netflix. A lot of users found this offensive given what happened with Titan, but it seems completely unrelated to current events as the release was scheduled a few months ago.

TitanicNotably, will return to the streaming platform on July 1, 2023, exclusively in the United States and Canada. feature film, specially produced 20th Century Fox, Paramount Pictures, Lightstorm Entertainment and executive production of Pamela Easley, Al Giddings, Grant Hill, Rae Sancini. The project also saw a cast made up of such names Billy Zane, Gloria Stuart, Francis Fisher, Bernard Hill, Jonathan Hyde, David Warner and many more.

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