Titanic: the first ticket was cheaper than breakfast at the bar: Kate Winslet’s reaction

Titanic, the ticket costs less than breakfast (VelvetCinema.it)

“Titanic” is one of the most important colossi in the history of cinema, but do you know how much it cost to open it in theaters?

Titanic Definitely one of the most beloved and popular cinematic giants of all time, which is still 26 years after releasecontinues to excite anyone who looks at him even for the hundredth time.
The film was shown in US theaters on December 19, 1997: do you know how much the very first ticket go see it at the cinema? Less than a bar.

These days, it seems unthinkable to us to pay for a movie ticket. even less than 10 eurosnot to mention a film like Titanic, which, even before its extraordinary reception, was made at an incredible expense of resources and budget for the time.
Director James Cameron he wanted to write the perfect story, and apparently he succeeded: 11 Academy Awards which the film conquered after the release of the screens.

Titanic, now we will pay in gold to see it in theaters

“Titanic” is today considered a rare gem of cinema, an invaluable heritage: an extraordinary interpretation Kate Winslet combined with the talent of a very young man Leonardo DiCaprio; contrast between wealth AND poverty since the early 1900s; drama mixed with a love story.
Today we would pay gold to see it in the cinema, as we did then, but apparently in 1997 there really were enough of them. a few kopecks.

Kiss Titanic

As we said, the film was released in theaters on December 19, 1997 and has been incredibly restored. movie ticket of that period.
Among the many details reported on the entry coupon, there is one that has really made a splash in modern times, namely: expenses.
Unbelievable but true: go to the premiere of “Titanic” in the cinema it only cost 4 dollars!

Kate Winslet’s Incredible Reaction: Open Mouth

The relic in question was presented Kevin McCarthyone of the leading film podcasts Reel Blendduring an interview with Kate Winslet, Rose Titanic.
McCarthy showed his personal note from 1997 to the actress, who read it and stayed totally shocked by the price..

On the ticket you can read “screen 1which means first showing in theater and date, in this case December 27, 1997.
The most shocking detail that made Winslet herself freeze was definitely the price is only 4 dollars, a cost that would be unthinkable today.
Nowadays, you can barely afford a $4 cappuccino.– the actress commented ironically.

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