Tiziano Ferro is divorcing Victor Allen: “Painful separation, now priority for my children”

“Love is forever while it lasts,” says the title of Carlo Verdone’s 2004 film. And there has never been a truer statement!

Tiziano Ferro announces divorce from husband Victor Allen.

Victor Allen and Tiziano Ferro got married in California in 2019.

Especially when couples say goodbye, which to the attentive gaze of the general public and fans seemed inseparable, this news immediately causes a huge resonance. This happened with Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt; it happened, more recently and closer to us, with Ilari Blasi and Francesco Totti. And here is another farewell from a couple who, especially in the eyes of the LGBTQIA+ community, looked almost like a model.

Tiziano Ferro: “A painful separation has begun”

“It started a while ago painful separation from Victor. I handled it quietly, protecting everyone’s privacy. We recently started divorce proceedings.”

It is on his Instagram profile that the Latin American singer, who has moved to Los Angeles for many years where he built his family, announces the end of love with his partner, who married in July 2019. The couple also has two children, a boy. and a woman, Andres and Margarita, who appeared in their lives last February.

The 43-year-old speaks directly to his community (which has 2.4 million followers), telling them: “As always, through joy or pain, I tell you my story. Because I don’t know what to do differently, because I trust you.”

A kind of letter addressed to fansin three languages: Italian, English and Spanish, in which he confesses this important event in his personal life, usually kept secret.

“Priority – children”

Tiziano Ferro and Victor Allen with their children Andres and Margherita, who arrived in their family in February 2022.

Ferro himself defines what he experiences as “a delicate moment in which all my attention is focused on protecting my two wonderful childrenwho now spend most of their time at home with me.”

His father’s commitment forces him, not without regret, to stay with them in Los Angeles, because “at the moment I cannot leave them and I cannot take them with me to Italy.” For this reason, with great sadness, I have to cancel your obligations with you and Mondadori to present my first novel: a meeting that I have been waiting for all my life.”

“You know: I continued tour against doctor’s recommendations“, the singer continues, referring to the health problems he spoke about several months ago, showing that he has a lump in his throat. But this did not stop him: “I would never cancel those concerts, I would never deprive myself of the joy of meeting you again in six years, singing and dancing together.”

“However, this time is different. It’s not about me and my health, it’s about two very small children and their calmness“. A peace of mind that he and his husband (the consulting agent) have always tried to protect by applying the utmost confidentiality to everything that concerns their children.

Tiziano Ferro with children Andres and Margherita (Instagram)

“I’m very sorry, but they are now my priority. Your affection has always supported me in difficult situations, and I am sure that it will be the same this time: I count on your kind heart. This dark moment will pass and we will return to singing and laughing and talking about my book, my life… our lives. We will still see each other, even at a distance,” he concludes.

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