To Avoid Corona-Virus, This cleaning-and Smartphone-tips


Illustration of a smartphone. (Pixabay/relexa hotels) – After he hold a global pandemic, virus, corona not afraid of anyone and so clean. As a smartphone user, here are some tips to clean your smartphone easy and convenient.

So far, in order to avoid corona virus, some people choose to wash the hands with soap and water, some also choose to wash hands with hand sanitizer.

Stating that hand washing is the simple things to avoid the help you, corona-virus, the spread currently so far.

As one of the objects that are so close to the everyday life, not only the hands need to be kept clean, the smartphone is also important to get more attention.

It can save you a whole lot of germs, launched by the BBC, by the way, simply you can keep your smartphone clean and of course makes you avoid from virus corona.

Illustration of a smartphone. (unsplash/BOROS BENCE -)
Illustration of a smartphone. (unsplash/BOROS BENCE -)

Before the beginning of each following step-by-step-clean-smarpthone below, make sure that the condition of your hands clean by washing the hands with running water, Yes.

According to microbiologist, Dr Lena Ciric, University College London, some of the ingredients you need to prepare the hand-dishwashing detergent and a microfiber cloth.

First step, make sure that your smartphone is connected to the flow of electricity, and smartphones in the state of the dead. If the smartphone is using a case, remove the case and clean it separately.

To wash, slightly dampen a microfiber cloth with water and a little soap on my hands, and then swipe to the smartphone you use. Remember, make sure the fabric is in a state that is not too wet, because it can damage the smartphone

Illustration of a smartphone. (unsplash/Dng Vit Trn)
Illustration of a smartphone. (unsplash/Dng Vit Trn)

Then dry the body of the smartphone with a micro-fiber cloth, which can be re-used as usual. For small parts in a smartphone, you can use a cotton swab with the same material, these parts clean.

For the Protocol to soap in addition to hand-dishwashing detergent, do not use other materials contain chemical Yes, because it has a negative influence on the smartphone you are using.

According to Dr Lena Ciric, clean you can the smartphone with the method above, reduce the bacteria and germs and even viruses in a smarpthone that you are using.