To Be Confused Want To Meet? The following tips VC-Let me WFH Exciting

276 – Effects corona virus amazing Yes, Winner. A variety of companies in all sectors, except retail companies that sell food and drinks, hospitals, and public services that are urgently in need of your employees work from home or Wrok From Home (WFH).

Of course, this method is based on the modern technology, which allows the workers to work remotely. One possibility is to do the video call if the need for a meeting.

Quote, Thursday (19/3), video call sometimes not easy for some people, especially because the conditions and the atmosphere of the house is not provided. Well, the tips of the Google the following may be able to help you WFH video calling experience better.

1. Set the space correctly

If you want to talk about a complex topic, or explore an idea, a video-phone call is more efficient than the talking via chat or E-Mail. But when doing video call, around think of the environment around you.

For example, the background (select the walls smooth and you avoid windows, with the light in the back too much). If you are using a laptop, put it in a stable location. Avoid a video call with laptop lap. Wobble wobble a little during the video call will interrupt the focus of the recipient of the call.

2. Download anyone at any time

The Video call should not be scheduled. If you communicate by E-Mail to the Meet too long, you could invite just a video-call with people inside or outside the organization invited to do so at any time with Hangouts.

Hangouts will automatically generates the code, so that people can make video call via computer, mobile phone or from anywhere. You can invite people, through a variety of options.

For example, if you would invite from the calendar-app on Google, directly to the and enter the meeting room, namely the URL link of the meeting by E-Mail sent.

3. The sound is not clear? Select text

If you are in a noisy place without an ear-or headphones is good enough, use the text function automatically, Meet to display the text in real time (such as subtitles on TV). Then select the text.

4. They only show the desired part

If the common use of the screen, suddenly all the people in the video call can you read the E-Mails guys? The solution, show only the desired part.

A presentation, look in the upper right corner, under you, select the ‘now’. You will see the option to display only the part you want, namely, by the presentation of a window (not the whole screen).

5. Change the screen layout

One of the features of the Meet it is, change the layout of the video call. This is useful if someone has the presentation of the slides, but there are important conversations in another room. You can change the layout to focus on the people, the discussion, not on presentation.

6. Show me your life

Everyone has a life outside of work. Depending on the culture of the workplace, you can not show everything, a little bit of life in the house. For example, let the child or nephew waving at the camera, devouring the lunch or drink a coffee according to the schedule of video-calling in the course of the day.

You show a little life, you might be good, and build a deeper relationship with co-workers, and even raises empathy for what you signed, outside of work.