“To be continued”. Women’s Quarter actress starred topless

Irina Soponaru (Photo: instagram.com / irinasoponaru)

Actress and comedian Irina Soponaru published a candid photo on her Instagram, in which she poses without underwear.

The actress signed the photo in a minimalist way: “To be continued …”.

The most popular reaction of Irina Soponaru’s subscribers to a candid photo is a smiley fire. In addition, the fans left a lot of compliments in the comments: “Top model in Ukrainian”, “Looking forward to the continuation”, “Incredibly cool blonde”, “Seductive” and the like.

We will remind that recently Stepan Kazanin and Irina Soponaru in the Pure NEWS program ridiculed the protest of FOPs , who protested on December 22 near the Palace of Ukraine, where they filmed the New Year’s concert of the Quarter.