To Create 108MP, Samsung plans a Smartphone camera 150MP!


INDOZONE.ID Not long ago, Samsung has been successful enough for a camera sensor resolution of 108MP the in some smartphones, the Mi Note 10 Pro Galaxy S20 Ultra.

But Samsung is known to not stop that you want to it. Be aware, that Samsung has to are currently developing plans for a camera with a resolution of 15MP.

The same as the camera 108MP is your, it is known that later, the camera Samsung 150MP-are made, first by Xiaomi for new smartphone hers.

It is known that the smartphone will be launched in the fourth quarter of 2020. But there is no clarity about the model of the smartphone-made Xiaomi such has.

According to Xiaomi, and later on some vendors other smartphones from China, also a ration of camera-150MP such as Oppo and Vivo are. New Samsung is with the help of the camera of this homemade device, new flagship Galaxy S30.

To support until recently Snapdragon chipset 865 latest Qualcomm is still in the location of cameras up to a resolution of 200MP.