To Increase Coronavirus Infection Of Imports, Local 2 Days Nil

181—The Chinese mainland reported two days in a row, there is no local infection new coronavirus, to open, while the epicenter of the outbreak in the province of Hubei began, the back doors to their limits. However, infections among people who come from abroad, still as it is art. become

There are a Total of 67 new cases at the end of the day, Wednesday, from 47 a day earlier. All cases of new infections of the imports, the Commission stated that the National health of China, reported in a statement on Thursday (26/3/2020), as provided by Reuters.

In total, there are now 81.285 cases of infection in China.

The Commission reported a total of 3.287 death until the end of the day Wednesday, six from the previous day.

All new patients are people who come to China from abroad, while in mainland China, there were no reports of local infection on Wednesday.

The majority of new infections in Shanghai, namely, in 18 cases, the inner Mongolia in 12 cases, and the Guangdong province, 11 cases.

The number of new cases per day in this period is much lower than on the upper side of the outbreak in February. This condition allows Beijing to roll back the wheel of the economy.

Hubei province, with a population of around 60 million people, has not reported any new cases on Wednesday and re-open the doors of their borders. The public transport was in operation, and the citizens of the city of Xianning seemed starting from their houses by wearing a mask.

Lockdown in Wuhan, capital of Hubei province, in the Corona-Virus is the cause of the Covid-19 first, it was determined, as in the last year, be repealed, on 8. April.

Worry infection, the import will be transferred to the Chinese citizens, and authorities tighten quarantine procedures and screening in major cities such as Beijing, where many people come from abroad.*